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My Emotion

reading other moms-to-be writings i feel so lucky and fortunate. seems like mood swing is something common during pregnancy. someone (it's many actually) wrote that in a minute she can be very happy but another minute she changes to either very sad or very angry or etc. i used to wait for such feelings to come. how does it feel..? how would i feel with that one-minute-mood-changing?

when i reminisce, i don't have much emotional problem. just at my early pregnancy when i thought i need more attention from Abi, but he didn't give that much. i had a bit frustrating feeling that time. but i think it's not because of pregnancy hormone, it's because of me who was having an idiot-thinking : a pregnant lady should get more attention form her husband. then when there was no respond from Abi, i decided to change my mind. i didn't even think about it, at least again.

as i said, i become more insensitive. usually i would cry if Abi talk to me in high-tone-voice, but this time i can laugh. i become more independent in controlling my own feeling. maybe i just decided to be 'don't care'. like what happen in the office. if i wanted to be hot, i would, everyday. but i choose to enjoy my boring job and my boring sv (even tho sometimes i would whimper). this pregnancy taught me to be more independent. however, i'm still dependent in getting Abi drive the car. ekeke.

alhamdulillah. i feel so lucky for not having mood swing. it might be a complimentary for my severe morning sickness. hopefully i'll become more independent, optimist and insensitive toward the end of my pregnancy.

could it be a sign.. that my boy is a tough one? ameen.