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Eating for Two?

one of the biggest myths i always heard for peggy woman is "you have to eat for two". since before i got married i always wonder about the fact. the baby is just about 3-4 kg, why should i feed him as much as i feed myself? plus, i dont want to look 9 months pregnant even after delivery! and i don't want to be a fat mommy...

i eat as usual, even little than usual since i lost my appetite and always have tendency to throw out. some not-even-married ladies and first time moms surprised the fact i didn't gain weight as they do (virgin but gaining 5kgs). they said you'll be born as a small baby.

in fact the doctor and experience mommies said that it is normal for first trimester and early second trimester to gain a little weight. since the morning sickness is still a routine, etc. as long as i don't let my stomach to be empty, it will be no harm.

however, watching out for nutrition food is very important. attention to nutrition can go a long way in preventing possible complications.

during the first trimester, i need 7335 kJ calorie, the amount is as same as total calorie i need before pregnancy. my daily energy needs as we turned into this 2nd trimester to 8759kJ. why? you're bigger, heavier and kicking around! i need to supply you a little amount of energy, right? and as you getting bigger in the 3rd trimester, we need appx. 9228kJ per day.

however, i think i lack in carbohydrate intake. i can't eat rice, even noodle or bread or cracker. i think i am excessive in vitamin E since i am now a sunflower-seed-fan! phew.. it might be i'm lacking of it so my body insist me to take vitamin E since i don't have it in my daily supplement intake.

i try to supply myself with enough sugar to ensure my blood sugar doesn't go too low (i had history), or i'll be in mood swing everyday. lucky my mood swing is not very significant and still controllable. in fact, i feel more insensitive than before. i take calcium to ensure i am away from hypertension, backache and severe labor pains (no worries, epidural is available). and it's absolutely a vital to get enough vitamins, mineral and protein to ensure i'm not malnutrition cause it might be a way to constipation, hemorrhoids, anemia, and pre-eclampsia.

and i don't think you're small since i can felt your kick since your 17th week and it's very significant now until sometimes i have to stop my job to let you 'stretch' your body and kick me from inside. and i can't sleep soundly at night since you're actively moving around inside my tummy. some of my sisters said that you're developing very fast and strong, since most of them can feel their babies only in 20th to 22nd week.

alhamdulillah... i'm so proud of you.