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19 week fetus

i notice that my heartburn started to come as we entered this 19th week. you are bigger and making my uterus pushed up against my stomach. lucky i am already having calcium supplement so the heartburn is not much significant.

you are about 17cm.. hmm. no wonder my tummy looks big. Abi said my tummy is getting bigger day by day. oh yes, you're breathing the amniotic fluid now. and your nerve system is very busy this week. mommy keep on praying that everything will be OK. guess what, abi told me to reduce the headphone volume because he worried it might effect your hearing ability. oh no!

now that we're about halfway through pregnancy, i notice that my body is constantly changing. my heart is beating 30-50 % more blood through my body than normal, sometimes i feel my heartbeat when everything is quiet. and because of this, my face can be easily turned reddish as well as my whole body. i look glowy!

and as usual, toward the weekend you become more active. since this afternoon you're keep on kicking me. :) i'm soooo happy.