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My Bigger Tummy

it's been a week since mommy last update on this blog. we are having our wonderful vacation at mommy's hometown (place where mommy was born and you'll be born, insya Allah). and mommy using abi's ID since this pc is belong to abi and mommy don't want to sign him out from blogger.

my tummy is getting bigger and bigger. ahaqs. i tot it's not because of you, but my super duper high appetite since our first time arriving this this house. since the first nite we arrived, until now, i don't ever know the feeling of 'hungry'. delicious food is everywhere and my appetite suddenly arise. if in miri i just can eat 2 or 3 'suap' of rice, here if not 2 or 3 plates, don't call me mommy ok!

we had nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, nasi kenduri, nasi berlauk, nasi beriani nenek.. and the most important is nasi ulam budu ikan darat!!!

i feel like heaven.. believe me i never feel like this since i am carrying you for the last 5 months. i can eat and the most important is i can eat rice more and more! but the soy protein... i still can't stand the taste!