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some friends of mine, most of them are moms to be and just mommies usually have a common question to me "have you scan your baby?". then i say "yes, i do it everymonth but why?". some of them say "i am not doing it regularly. maybe next 1/2 months i'll doing it".

when i got the +ve result from home pregnancy test kit, i went to the doctor to confirm. she said (dr noor that time) she had to scan my tummy to ensure you were not develop outside my womb or called ectopic. that time i actually had a skeptical view about ultrasound (since a friend of mine told that it's not good for baby) but i did it. then i refer to my parents (who work at the hospital) about ultrasound. my mom (your mak tok lah) said that there's no prove that ultrasound can harm human fetus. it might happen to mice, but not even tested to any bigger mammals nor human. my mom's words made me release, since she has been my health consultant for all my life.

i am very excited to see your image in the screen everytime we have appointment with the gynae, only from there i can confirm that you're healthy and actively kicking. i go for ultrasound not to know your sex, but to see your development. it is even crucial in our 1st trimester since there's a big chance for any possibilities... no development, 'dead' fetus, chemical pregnancy, etc. phew, alhamdulillah we've been through that crucial period and now my time to observe your development month by month.

as i said, your current ontogeny is very excellent. remember that we (Mommy & Abi) dont want you to be too big, since i wish to deliver you normally. but not too small (underweight) cos it's a sign of malnutrition. and we are happy since you're showing a normal and healthy growth even if i become thinner than before.

when i told Abi, i dont understand why most of my friend dont go for ultrasound.. do they think scanning is to know the babies' sex only? don't they mind about their babies' development, normal or not? are they depend only on their weight gained to indicate that the babies are healthy? then Abi said, he didn't blame them for that situation. as a new mom like me, they don't know and the doctors have to play their rule to educate those moms, like what my doctor did. and we (petronas moms) are very lucky for being covered by ING for private gynae, out there lots of moms to be go to general gynae those are very busy to attend another hundreds moms to be. furthermore, ultrasound cost is quite high, we dont feel it since we get it for free!

alhamdulillah, since both of your parents work with petronas, the whole family get the benefits. this time i feel so thankful, even if my daily job is as boring as the most boring thing in this world but since it give me more time to relax and more coverage... oh thank you!