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Your Ultrasound Image

we (Mommy & Abi) dont have scanner, so i just take the pic of you using my handphone. it's not very clear but still can see you head, hands and torso right? you leg were folded (since you didn't want to reveal you sex!).

this pic was taken monday last week but i just can upload it now (just found the bluetooth adapter). guess what you were doing during the ultrasound! you slept soundly... didnt you know that mommy keep on waiting for appointment session to see you kicking and jumping, as what you did during our 13th week visit. maybe you were tired since mommy couldnt eat anything that day, plus a great headache.

sometimes you moved your legs, and Dr Aida struggled to peep at your toot. then she said "this might be a boy". oh dear.. please be a boy OK? a very good boy.