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18 weeks fetus

surprisingly i can see your kicking several times on my tummy! but when Abi comes to see it, you would suddenly stop. haa.. look like you like to play hide and seek with Abi eh... when Abi asks me about the feeling, the only thing i can see is "amazing!' and i can't wait to see you next kick. actually i am not sure whether is it your kick or punch or what but as long as i can feel you, you know it's the best experience to a first mom like me.

you're still small and your bones, even if they've formed but still soft. you're 15cm and around 300 grm. i guess the space becomes tighter to you since you can't stretch your leg like what you did during the 1st trimester.

what is important to us that you can hear! oh, i dont want you to listen to any bad bad thingy, i try to change my addiction to something else that do not makes you become upset. you know, there are several studies done on unborn children, then they came to the conclusion that babies will be able to remember what you have heard since your 2nd trimester. er.. i don't know how much the truth is, since i can't remember my babyhood.

granted all the theories, all the same we're keep on learning to provide all the best things to you. we want you to be the best kid ever born. and most important, the best first kid of ours. ameen~