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Feeding You

since before you were planted in my womb, i plan to breastfeed my kids. and that's what Abi wants too. as a working mommy, i can't suckle you via my tits every single time you need to be fed. a breastpump is a need for us.

Abi and I made some surveys about the best breastpump in market. we went to stores, asked people, and the most popular is internet review about various kind of breastpumps in market. finally (so far), we come to the conclusion to choose Avent Isis IQ Uno. it's quite expensive, (at least for a middle-class parent like us), the current price for a single pump is RM695.00 & a complete set (excluding cooling bag) is about B$399.00 (Brunei Dollar). but since Abi wants us to be fully motivated to breastfeed, he's willing to grab it once we go back to Peninsular later.

however i'm very sure it's worth. some features those i can list down here are: it has massage cushion to stimulate my aurola, quite but yet powerful, variable control & depend on your suckling rhythm, electronic memory to remember your suckling pattern, can switch to manual mode, electronic or battery-powered pumping. wah, i heard several mommies complaints about their pain using other breastpump but not from this one. one more thing is because i am easily bored, with this i can change to any mode i like. ahaks.

i don't think it's too early to plan, actually there's lots more thing for us to plan for you. your name, your birth plan, your goodies, etc. like this one, breastfeeding program, we decide to purchase cooling bag from Coleman, which don't cost us a lot, about RM50.00 and techni ice (if needed). initially Abi wants to buy Avent's bottles for you but i said, it's unnecessary since the cheaper are widely available. see, how fatherly love shown even before he knows you.

i hope i don't have much problem to fully breastfeed you since my job now changed to full-time-office-based, furthermore most of my friends here are breastfeeding their kids. one more thing is i had request from my company's YPC (young professional club) to provide a room for breast pumping activity. hehe.