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Naming You

i try to keep this secret.. but i can't. i really have urge to tell you. er.. hmm.. aaa... okla. actually we've prepare a name for you, and Abi started to call you by that name since yesterday. he doesn't want to call you 'Boy' instead, since we've plan a name for you so he wants you to recognize your own name even if you're not born yet.

i'm not going to tell you here, what your name will be. actually i admirer this name, after my favourite name had been given to your uncle, Uzair. i really like that name but that time (i was 17) i didn't think that i would get married and have kids. haha. then i gave the name to my parents to named my little brother (he's 8 now). then i admire another uncommon name. suddenly that name became so famous and popular, and become no more unique.

i like names which are uncommon. for me, name is a medium to recognize individuals. if you have a name that similar with your 10 friends, that's no purpose of naming anymore. my kid's names should be unique and recognizable. my name is unique in petronas. only one S N in the address book. however, Abi is very special. ah, i have a story! last time i went to a course, then during break, i had lunch with the trainer. we had some sort of talking about each other, then i told him that i'm married. he asked me about my hubby, i mentioned Abi's name. he was very shock and his face turned red. then he asked me "is Z A your hubby?" then i smelt something... "er.. yes, but not the MITCO one, my hubby just working with SKO about a year ago". phew... it was a manager at MITCO has a similar name with Abi & he tot i married that one.

another incident about Abi's name was, one of my colleagues had wrongly sent an email, it should go to Abi, but she sent it to Z A, the GM of Sabah Operation. hehe. then when Mr. Yew from Shell came to Abi office as a secondee, he said at Shell, all Z As are managers, and now he calls Abi as 'GM'. haha. hopefully Abi would be the GM someday. ameen~

back to your name. i dont want to reveal it now.. but i can tell your the meaning. as Muslim you know, we choose Arabic name to name to. we decided to make it 2 words, the first one means Handsome and the second one means The One Who Ennoble. we want you to be a good-looking in any part, physically and mentally, and ennoble others especially your parents and families, and firstly Allah & Rasul, lillahi Taala.

i hope that we won't change this decision and won't have to change this decision ;)