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My Morning Everytime Sickness

during my second month of pregnancy, i started to feel something funny in myself. didn't i tell you that i was having a severe morning everytime sickness? i tot i never tell you about the reasons. yeah, it's about hormonal changes, but do you know what is it? nah, i'm sure you don't.

when my body detected your arrival, its produce a steroid hormone called progesterone. it's also known as lipo-latin, which is produced in my ovaries. the function is to stop the production of ovum, since the last ovum produced has met the sperm so that they became you. one more thing happened to my body is, my immunization system stopped to allow a foreign growth in it, that is you.

with that 2 changes, my body needs time to get used to the new environment. so, it became unstable; fatigue, extremely exhauted, nausea,dizzy,losing appetite, etc. usually by time to time it should be back to normal as the body already know enough about the hormonal changes. usually in the 4th of 5th month.

now i feel a bit better, however, it's still here. but not as frequent as during my early pregnancy. i can sit longer on chair, able to sleep late at nite.. however some other problem comes, i can't consume much plain water, enough with 2-3 sips and i have to stop. if i continuously consume plain water, i'd vomit.so goes with other kind of drinks. so i take initiative by drinking little but frequent. it's sometimes tiring & boring, 2-3 sips every hour..

sometimes i feel it's a bit disturbing, since i can't focus on my daily job, but on top of that i feel so happy because it indicates that you're my healthy boy!