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The Family of Os

i am type O, abi is type O and the most possible type you & your siblings will be are type Os as well. our blood doesn't have A & B antigens, the two distinct chemical molecules present on the surface of the red blood cells. our blood is free from those molecules. we are the universal donors, and we can't accept blood from neither types, because if our blood with no antigen mixed the antigens, our blood cells may begin to clump together in the blood vessels, causing a potentially fatal situation.

on top of this, our blood also has its uniqueness called rhesus factor. my blood does contain a certain blood protein (discovered when scientists do some tests on monkeys to learn about human anatomy), so my blood is said to be rhesus positive or Rh+. if the blood contain none of this protein, it is called rhesus negative or Rh-. alhamdulillah both of us having this kind of rhesus, and you may inherit ours. it is very dangerous if the mom's and baby's blood are not the same rhesus factor. if the baby's blood enter the maternal circulation, the formation of agglutinins against the baby red blood cells may occurs, destroy the fetal red blood cells, causing the severe hemolytic disease of newborns, which is the destruction of redblood cell in bloodstream.

actually i have interesting stories about our blood type. abi & i are kinda leisure persons, we like to read about human including the nonsense fact, especially the zodiac and compare them to ours. abi always says that i am a flirter and i call him an emo. after all, it is what written in our zodiac :P haha, it's just for fun.

but for bloodtype, i dont think this is for fun, because many studies done & i can see it from my observation. especially when type O is said to be high stomach-acid content. i have grandpas who passed away because of gastric or stomach ulcer. and abi also has the similar problem, when he skips his meal, he'll get stomachace.

actually i had plan for our family, since all of us are from the same type, i planned to put us under type O diet program but until now i still fail to because too many dont's than do's. think i can live without wheat??? so i told abi, wait until we have a severe disease that has no other antidot unless we control our diet, and i'll start the diet program. (or maybe i should start now to reduce my short of breath?).

the interesting part about blood type that it carries personality traits with it. from japanese perception, type o's are outgoing, and very social. initiators, although don't always finish what they start. creative and popular, they love to be the center of attention and appear very self confident. i think most of them have reflection to myself. and we are so-called 'the hot ones'. but unfortunately i am not very popular... maybe i'm a loser of this kind. huhu.

well, since all of us are in the same group, i hope it's not that hard to control our family especially when you're getting bigger. and if you may grow up in abi's character, it wont cause any burden for me. live with abi gives me comprehensive and efficient training to grow his kids up.