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My Passion... My Satisfaction

what can be the best thing in life other than getting what we want and able to be happy on that? mommy don't know what you do want right now, maybe you want to stay longer in my womb or maybe you can't hardly wait to come out... but please... don't come out too early!!! we have a very minimum leave left!

on monday, i got an email from facilities engineering section head (of course, not my boss lah). he offered me to do a structural engineering project! guess what, it was the project i used to involved before i was transferred here! and the team leader is my ex-mentor!

you have no idea how mommy keep on waiting for this promise to be granted - to do technical job beside my daily-routine-damn-boring job. even if i am not formally a structural engineer, but doing some structural engineering works, is a great excitement. you may not feel this until you trapped in the positions like what my several friends and I are facing now.

now your mommy feel soooo release... and Oh Thanks ALLAH! this is something like moon comes to your lap. as what i said, it is not about salary, in fact the payment is still the same whether i am an engineer or not. but this is about passion and satisfaction. someone with fishing as his hobby, he doesn't anticipate to catch a pool of fish but the passion and satisfaction when he can fish and get some fish. and me, it doesn't really matter if my job is more relax, more time to sleep, more time to rust my brain but the matter is, my passion is.. answered below.

i miss this thingy.....
6 legged jacket. i remember after my trip to a fabrication yard at lumut 2 years back, i drop by UTP to send my convo robe. the man at the counter asked me "buat apa pegi lumut" i answered "tengok orang fabricate jaket" then he looked at me with an astonish look "tengok orang buat jaket pun kena pegi jauh2 ke?". huhu... actually he was misunderstood between jacket leg for offshore paltform and the cloth thing. saba je la..

..and this software...
the name is sacs and pronounced as 'sex'. a friend of mine once went to a yard during his very early days as a structural engineer. a senior asked him "have you learn sacs (pronounce=sex)?". he was in a great surprised and thought "wah so great to be an engineer. i have to learn about sex!"

actually this is a software used to model an offshore platform. phew~ until now i'm still a beginner.

...this figure....
this is a very common figure in geotechnical. but it took me 4 years to understand. when? at work! huhu.

..this place...
this is not in offshore. this is at a fabrication yard. luckily i am here so i don't have to go to this place. so far from home! only available in pasir gudang, teluk ramunia, lumut and kuching!
but still, i miss the memory visiting those :)

i don't know why, but i really enjoy doing this part of engineering. since i took teknologi kejuruteraan when i was in form 4, i felt happy learn about civil engineering rather than mechanical, electrical or chemical. i got c3 in my spm's physics for the electrical-thing-sort of questions. couldn't answer any... i don't like machine and until now i can't understand what the hell is quantum number in chemistry I.

if you want to do something and you wish to success, choose a way where your passion leads. there's nothing can stop you as long as you have a strong passion behind you. passion is something that drives you to any point you want to stop in your life. i don't success in my career is not because of anything, it's because i lost the passion. i don't have any form of that feeling toward my current job. phew~ (if my boss could read this, please send me to other section!)

there's no such a coincident in life. everything happens and not happen for reasons. do you think bill gates would become a billionaire coincidently? and if i didn't have passion toward abi, you won't be here today :) you came after many hard works, no coincide...