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yesterday evening, after Maghrib, i sat beside abi while he was reciting surah Luqman. you did nothing until abi mentioned the word "Ya Bunaiya.." then you kicked. it happened everytime abi read that word.

after dinner, i sat in the living room, watching TV while abi was concentrating on his job, with his PC. you were actively moving, kicking, punching, grasping, and with full of excitement i called your name "H****.... H****". as usual, you'd stop (i don't know why you'll stop everytime i call your name. are you listening to me or you don't like that name?). then mommy just let you play alone, and i continued watching TV.

tired staring on PC, abi laid down on the sofa. i told him 'don't sleep' because i couldn't sleep if not sleeping with him. nonetheless he fell asleep. knowing that it was hard for me to sleep without abi, so i decided to have a nice chat with you. i woke you up by pressing all sides of my tummy and luckily you were responding and we started by singing our favorite songs together.

then i iasked you "do you love mommy?"

you said yes, by kicking.

i asked "do you love abi?"

you didn't do anything.

i said "you are my good boy, aren't you?"

you kicked.

i asked again "do you love abi?"

then only now you said yes. huhu.

it must be something miserable for you by not having abi around during bedtime. i still remember since i'm carrying you, i couldn't sleep if abi did't sleep with us. i rather waited for him to finish his job on the PC to sleep together. and during the period where abi was in KL for a week, i couldn't sleep for the whole week. but when we went to KL and had abi around, i could sleep soundly. and now, if abi sleep earlier than us, for sure i can't sleep. you (abi will get mad at me if i point anything on you) just want to sleep with abi. good boy! when you come out later, just call to abi to make you sleep ok. don't disturb mommy's sleeping OK!

and during the play-play session, i didn't know when i fell asleep. with abi slept outside and mommy fell asleep while playing , both of us got punished, you were merajuk for the whole day!