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New House & Babysitter

yesterday abi got a phone call telling that now it's our turn to move into pcsb's housing at pujut 7. it was a big surprise for both of us, yes we put our name in the list but never expect this soon. we tot it will come in 2-3 years from now.

now our dilemma is... the pujut house is fully furnish but we already bought complete home applicants which are quite bulky and expensive... especially our 2-doors hitachi refrigerator. lucky that the new house has no TV set and washing machine. if not.. how to let go those just-settled-the-payment thingies...

i really want to move to the house. because it's a double storey. we will have more space and more ground for you to play. and the neighborhood is our friends. however, it's a bit far from our office, and make impossible for us having lunch at home anymore :(

but the highest ranking reason why we agree to move because it is not easy to find babysitter in this area. and abi doesn't want to drive out farther just to send you to the nanny. and i prefer if we can send you to anybody who lives on our way to office. i heard that babysitters are available at pujut or piasau rather than lutong. and senadin will be out of our list, because it is at the other side of our globe.

we start to look for babysitter since last month, coz we afraid if we won't have time to find one if we start late. many other mommies will deliver their babies end of this year and we have to compete. furthermore, i have only 2-3 days off after the confinement before go back to work, then it is impossible to grab one in a short duration. to make it worse, we stay soooooo far away from our families, and nobody is going to look after you if we can't find any babysitter.

talking about babysit you, some friends of mine choose to have maids. it is easier, and they have more time to spend with their kids. i have this in my mind, since the rate in sarawak is not very costly, but for now i decided to send you to babysitter. for a newly married couple and abi is full time in house, i refuse to have another lady in my house. unless abi works offshore or not in the house all the time. maybe i would consider this option when the second one comes...

so now we have to find another tenant for this house, and to let go our fridge. anybody interested?