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Abi's Plan for You

i read several baby and parenting books, but i never see any single phrase about 'financial' (or, do i need to read more books?) unless in books that really talk about financial planning. for us, financial plan is something crucial when having a baby, and need to be prepared before he is born. having baby is something exciting. even before the baby is born, people already congratulates the dads & moms to be. and even more after the birth.

baby's arrival means a real change in a couple's life. undeniably the endless happiness, by having your own flesh and blood. but for us, it's not about the happiness and excitement of having you, as a not-so-rich (when lah... the time is gonna come....) we have so many things to plan in term of budget and financial. it's true, there's must be your rezeki somewhere but still, nothing ventured nothing gained. we still have to plan for our (especially yours!) best.

it's time for us to get out pen & paper to jot down the budget we'll use once we bring you home. the expenses that will occur every weekly and monthly, as addition to our regular car, house, astro, phone, stremyx, etc. payment; for diapers, clothes, nursing wear (it's mine!), etc.
since before i get pregnant, we read a lot about cost of having baby and what is the preparation. and we just get into very serious after you're conceived. when we went for shopping your goods, our principal were "the best & dear for more than 5 years things & as cheap as it can for only 2months thing" and "no 2-3 time of purchasing on the same thing". that's why we have no regret on your bombastic price feeding set and stroller. and your infants' set like... apparel? bedding set? towel? blanket? hehe, we got it at mydin & @70% off je... wait until you get bigger and handsome then only we'll buy you branded sikit (maybe that time you'd ask for 'em).. and we did some calculation on disposable diapers available in market. i think we'll try the cheapest one first. and i'm start thinking about using cloth diapers je...
and after you're born, we have to prepare some amount for your akikah. and your flight ticket. huhu. oh yes, and your travel cost to visit our families at jerantut, KL & Johor. since we're not gonna be in Semenanjung regularly, we think it's fair if you go to visit your Mbah's and Mbah Buyuts before we bring you back to Miri.

and once we are in Miri, we have to start paying for your child care. a personal nanny might rates higher than a care centre. however, we prefer a personal one. oh, no! we still can't find anybody who is willing to babysit you! i hope bb can help on this... ;p
we have to plan for your insurance, your development, education and so on. things such as baby gears according to your ages, etc. and for early education, we did survey some kindergartens in Piasau, and most of them are Montessories. we thought that's interesting. maybe.. we'll put you into one of them or at a Tadika Islam next to our office :D and until now, we did not buy you any single toys. abi said, wait until you're born.

that's only a 3-4 years plan. for long term.. fuh... exhausting. we have to consider if no more scholarship for higher education given in the next 18 years. today's high educational fee is already a bombard, in next 18 years? phew~ and we have to consider also for the second, third, forth, fifth,.. eleventh :P

however, i'm sure after after you're born, it isn't as hard as we thought. we'll actually can save a lot.
1. we're so lucky that our company covers your healthcare including major/minor illness and regular check-up :D
2. having you will give us tax exemption :D
3. we won't go out as often for dinner and a movie :D
4. we won't go for honeymoon anymore (hwaaa... i haven't gone for any!)
5. we don't have to go out to fill our time & avoid boredom :D
6. maybe, don't have to fly back to Semenanjung with own expenses often. excuse: traveling with baby is leceh :D
7. maybe, more bonuses next year...? oh...mimpi sajalah.
...so terukla these parents!

look like we're thinking about money quite a lot, huh. hmm, whatever people may think, for us, even if there's so called rezeki anak but if we don't have proper plan & management, it may be goes into tokei supermarket's pockets for something unnecessary rather than into what you really need for your present and future.