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25 week fetus

14 week before i can go back to a single-resident-human and about 3 weeks to leave 2nd trimester. you are getting bigger, about 35cm and weighed 660 gram. and now your skin is no more transparent, it's more opaque-like. i notice you can grasp by now, sometimes you make me surprise by grasping.. i don't know what but it was very obvious. i tot it was abi but abi said he didn't do anything and i knew it was you.

now i notice you are no more laying horizontally, leaning against the placenta. sometimes you put your head down or vice versa. i guess it is because you have more space by staying vertically. and abi loves to listen to your movement by putting his ear on my belly.

you started to deposit your own fat. and i think my belly is about a soccer ball. soccer? hehe. you are the striker what...

now you have more noticeable sleeping pattern. but still, you are a very good boy. you wake mommy up everymorning, and fall asleep back after mommy get up. and you like to listen to conversation. everytime mommy attend engagement sessions with the bosses, or meetings, or at the discussion tables, you'll move vigorously. maybe you are preparing yourself to the business language :)