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You Today

it's been a month since our last visit to dr aida's clinic. last time via 3d scan we couldn't see your face clearly cos you were hiding behind the placenta. hopefully you won't be that mean tomorrow.

you're 6 month now. and your behavior become more consistent than before. now mommy can read your sleep time and your happy time. usually your routine (up to now):-
early morning
- wake mommy up. then continue sleeping.

mommy at work
- sleep and sleep until mommy have discussion or meeting. u'll join the discussion very excitedly.
- playing football the whole session.

- play football until mommy go to bed.

-sleep together with mommy & abi until the next morning to wake mommy up.
what excites me is, you really love to join any discussion i attend (maybe it just the time you become very active :P). abi said maybe you wanted to be a CEO someday :) anyway, your activity hinders me from sleeping in the meeting :P

mommy can see, since last month, your behavior is more or less like your abi. abi, when i ask for something, he'll buat don-no, until when i stop asking, then the starts to offer. hmm... and you.. when mommy call your name "H****....H****....." you don't respond. but when mommy buat don-no, who'll kick, punch, roll, etc.etc., but again during the extreme session if mommy call your name, you'll stop. hmm... like to play-play ek... mommy rotan-rotan nanti...

however, mommy really love this experience. everymorning, my tummy will be seen bigger at one side. and you like to kick the left side of my tummy, if not my lower ribs. and when you kick & punch at the same time making me feel like my tummy is going to explode. and when you roll, i feel soooo geli-geli. and my tummy is getting bigger day by day. during the 1st trimester it was seemed like months to see my tummy become big.

now i become fatigue, and very easy to get tired. it's different than during we entered the 2nd trimester where i felt a bit more energetic. maybe this just the transition, of preparation for us to enter 3rd trimester in the next 4 weeks. i guess the honeymoon period is about to get over...

nonetheless, i feel so proud of you. you don't cause me backache, or any ache over my body, i don't have health problem (except the sob, but i already have it long ago) i can walk like usual, even my body maintains its shape (except at the tummy part, tight, bum & boops).

so my good boy, just give mommy chance to sleep soundly tonight, don't be like last nite ok...