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Choices in Your Birth

in malaysia, i dont think we have much choice in childbirth. if i could list down here... might be natural birth, c-sect and hi-tech birth i.e. induced labor or manually broken the water. so i don't have choice, it depends on my and your condition during the labor. oh Allah please allow me to deliver this cute boy naturally...ameen~

intially, we planned to deliver you here in miri. and go back to my hometown for confinement after a week, or something like that. our reason was because of our limited leave left and abi wanted to be with me during the labor and delivery. but we received so many negative responds (everybody questioned your ability to fly during your very first weeks). actually we had refer to dr aida and she said no problem. and i asked several friends who did travel with newborns and they gave me some tips to ensure your comfort along the journey.

but our second thought came when thinking about your EDD is during eid. first time parents like us, who are never ever used to handle newborn, can we manage to handle without the presence of elders? and none of our families will be able to come... nobody wants to sambut raya in miri!

finally we decided to give birth to you at my hometown local hospital. i asked several friends about the best place to give birth in KB. auntie eeja suggested perdana specialist hospital, where her baby afnan was born. then auntie mardhiyah suggested to find a baby friendly hospital, since i planned to exclusively breastfeed you. and our choice is right.

we went to the hospital last may, during balik kampung moment, asking for any female gynae. there's a female gynae there! abi is very particular in choosing gynaes. no male please! he said, no matter how s*cks the gynae is, as long as she is a lady, we'll still go to her. phew~

and you know what, abi keep on asking me whether i wanna take epidural or not. i said, as long as i can bear, i will try the natural way. but still, we'll make appointment with the anaestathic later, in case i need it, so it won't be a last minute arrangement. another thing about abi is, he wants me to give birth at GH. i said, our company pays for this, so utilize it! actually abi is a bit obsess since his two siblings who were delivered at private hospital gone thru c-sect, in fact it was becos of placenta previa.... and only after my friend who works at GH advised me to go to PSH (even her senior who works at GH delivered at PSH), then only abi agreed to go to PSH. so now, the counter is closed :)

hmm.. actually i am afraid of undergoing c-sect. now the placenta is at the right position, and i hope you'll contribute in normal delivery by keeping your head down and make sure it engaged when the time is come. oh Allah please allow me to deliver this cute boy naturally...ameen~