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Preparing for Nursery

#this not gonna be your room#

we planned to transport few goods from our current house to the new house at pujut this weekend but suddenly abi caught in high fever and need to rest for the whole day.

even if we are not moving yet, we already had plan for your nursery. previously in this very house, we planned to have a part of our room as the nursery (sooo a big room). however, our room at the new house is very small. enough to place your cot only. so we planned to have another room as your room.

now i guess we have no more worry about the cot. abi's gonna borrow one from his friend who is now staying at labuan (abi.. please make it done!). we'll place the cot in our room until you're able to sleep by yourself on your own bed, which is now ready in your own room :) we are now at the stage of resisting the temptation to think that you have to have everything new, in fact most of the things will be used for a very short time. so, no cot with playpen & changing diapers.

on top of that, instead of variety, we think about safety (and of course frugality). even if we are yet to borrow a cot from friend, but we make sure that the cot is safe. and we are not to get interested with any nursery exhibited in magazines or www or even TV. too lavish and unnecessary for these not-so-rich parents. huhu. it's just enough if we have all your necessities and a room for you to grow naturally.

to paint your room? i don't think so. in fact, it is just a rental house. we won't pay any cent to change the wall look. maybe mommy will put some colorful papers on the wall that may interest you rather than the white paint. and we'll get some colorful container to place your toys (yet none of them were bought, haha)- these containers can be decorative elements too. and maybe a bookshelf to put your books, toys and peektures! abi doesn't want to buy your toys yet. he said wait until you're born.

since we can't sure how long we'll be staying here (i guess it would take us 5-6 years to move back to West Malaysia), i don't want to have a long term plan. so, if i choose baby theme for your room, it should be usable until we move out. a 5-year-old boy is not that 'big', huh! this is not a big deal. :)

we try as much as possible to minimize capex (capital expenditure) because we are going to spend a lot in opex (operation expenditure). so, if someday you'd find out your friends' room are decorated like casa impian and yours is not, please change your shoes into Warren Buffet's. and considering that educational fees nowadays is very costly, we have to cut some unnecessary cost to send you to a good school so that you won't grow up like an orang kampung like your mommy.

#new house rental house.