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Naming You Part II

H for..... ?

the idea of choosing this name for you was come since.. when ah? maybe at my 3rd month of pregnancy. initially abi would like to name his kids with.. something +UL at the end of the first name. something like shahrul or saiful or badrul etc. and for girls maybe zatul or ainul etc -> to make it rhythmic with his name: zainul.

but dont know when, suddenly the idea vanished and we planned to name you with 2 words A + H. but again, i felt not very nice for having long name but you'll be called with other name like what both of us are facing. - the hardest question for me to answer is "what shuld i call u?" i am called KakLong by family&orgkampung, Alin by inlaws, Alom@Along by my frens, Lyna by the others, Mek Na by some frens, CT by my colleagues... till i dont know which one is the most appropriate for a first timer. and, in the intention of not to burden you with such problem, we decided to name you by a word only.

but still we stick to the name we chose before (that's your name), by eliminating the first part. i checked in several baby names books for the meaning and all told me the same - 'The One Who Ennoble', and i didn't feel satisfy. i don't think it's the true meaning of the word. i don't have any arabic dictionary with me to check and i don't really rely on those books. sometimes the translation is not as per meaning in arabic. so i checked in the tafsir (tak ada kamus, tafsir pn berguna) cos ur name recites several times in al-Quran.

i could spot one time in surah Maryam and one time in surah al-A'raf. both surah give the different meaning. in Maryam it means 'Gracious' while in al-A'raf it means 'Having Good Knowledge'. however, both are spelled differently, and in Arabic, even if only a tanwin, it changes the entire meaning e.g. ummi & ummiy, umar & 'umar, etc. then i found summary about a book written by Sayyidi Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti about the Prophet's names and, guess what.. your name is one of those! and it means 'Affectionate and Kind'.

now, then only i feel satisfy with your name's meaning. my bad, i should continue learning Arabic.. whoaaa..... and now i can tell confidently if people ask me about your name's meaning. what available in the baby names' books are not convincing, the meaning is hanging and doesn't impress me. but since your name is unique (at least among my frens), that's why we chose the name.

i really like your name. it sounds soft and indulgent to my ears. sometimes i just call your name over and over again. just because i like it =). can you hear me?
** I think somebody who's a smart can guess your name already.