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6th Month Check Up

we were very excited to see our baby (it's you!). wanna see his face, and how is he doing. before we saw dr aida, mommy kept on telling you to wake up and show your face. and seemed like you were listening.

o yes, we met your friend at the clinic. she'll be born maybe somewhere in january, and she's our new neighbor! you two may be good friends then.

after donating a portion of my urine, we went in to see dr aida. she asked me whether i have any problem, and i said it's just my SoB. she said it's OK, it'll be OK in the next 10 weeks. huh, sabar aje lah....

after getting my BP reading (it was normal), as usual we went to the couch for ultrasound. she firstly used the 2d one, but we (mommy & abi) couldn't see you. dr aida kept on explaining, this is your head, this is your leg, but.. either the doc's screen was blur or ourselves... then after measuring your head's size (which is normal :)), she changed the probe into 4d, and these are what we got...

1. you turned you face, covered it by your hands and kept you legs close. we could only see this. the doctor tried from the different side of my tummy but you still ran from the probe.

dr aida commented "baby u ni aktif betol. rasa dia gerak2 kan?"

i nodded.

and this is the best she could snap.

2. the doctor keep on calling you "baby, baby pandanglah sini. baby jgnla nyorok.."

finally you moved you hands from your face. but still didn't turn...

3. after several attempts, the results were still the same. until dr aida said "baby u ni bijak sungguh. bijak betul ni. takmo kasik kita tgk muka dia. kaki pn dia rapat2kan dah".

and finally... you turn your body completely to the other side. tunjuk bontot pulak dah..

and abi said "kecik2 dah pandai buli abi yer..."

heheh. and hmmm... from these... whose face are you i inheriting? i said it's abi's but abi said it's mine. ah, whatever la, but you are sooo handsome!

even if we couldn't see your face clearly, but mommy feel so proud of you. the doctor gave you some credit! i told abi, it's ok if he doesn't want to reveal his face, of course after you are born, you have no chance to hide it anymore :P