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Welcome to The 3rd Trimester

mommy puasa yesterday. i set the clock at 4am to wake up for sahur. abi just wanted me to fry the chickburger but i had an urge to makan nasik. i cook the rice with ommelette plus the burger. but abi just want burger alone, he said he was sleepy.

initially, i was a bit unsure about the puasa. cos usually in the morning i need a cup of hot milo to energize myself.

but everything was very OK the whole day. and you were actively kicking and i felt energetic as usual. suprised me, you became more active than ever. maybe you had more space and don't have to compete with the food i took :P

yesterday was a great one, in office and at home. i didn't know where does such that 'power' came until i can talk to my boss like... well it was a bit rude but full of satisfaction. at least i could let go the feeling i kept for this long. and i could speak to him loudly than ever. wow, never imagined i can do it in front of my boss (sometimes stress & pressure taught us to be tougher). and at home, i managed to make a fruity jelly (agar2 buah?) for buka puasa. but time constraint (reached home @5.30, maghrib @6.43pm), so the jelly was only ready to be eaten this morning.

after buka puasa, then i started to feel drowsy. i slept on the couch at our living room for 2hours huhu. and, you didn't stop moving, kicking, punching, etc. until i told myself "doesn't this boy feel tired?" (till this moment you still don't stop). oo, i know maybe you are very excited cos auntie naza** delivered a baby girl yesterday. another candidate ah?

or, you are welcoming mommy to the 3rd trimester? erk.. mommy don't know what is available in this trimester for us. i heard that people say this trimester is a 'home stretch' and we'll be in a great emotional spectrum-excited and panic. i heard about water retention, stretch mark, aches, rashes, varicose vein, headache, backache, heartburn, leg cramp, swelling foot, braxton hicks etc. become more significant in this very trimester!

and you'll rapidly growing, thus you need more iron, calcium and protein. hm, i think i should be very attentive to these nutrients and have some light exercise (in fact sometimes i use stairs instead of lift & walk quickly). i did not have any complaint during the 2nd trimester (honeymoon what?) except the SoB, and hopefully this 3rd trimester also doesn't give me much discomfort.

keep up the good works honey. we make a very good team!

**congrates to naza&idzuari on their 1st baby girl delivered 2.30pm 12/07/07.