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Carry Cot, Pushchair, Carrier, Carseat or Sling?

we are not-so-rich parents to be,so we find the cheapest solution to buy your goodies, but still in the highest satisfaction. people always mention that buying thing for newborn especially the first child is an investment. yeah, we are strongly agree since invest itself means to give or devote something to achieve something. so we give our $$$ to have a better you and better future for your siblings. that's why we don't count for each money flies into the supermarkets' tokey as long as it is for your good.

we have no experience in choosing your travel set. only when we started our survey by visiting almost all baby stores in KL, then we began to learn. until we found out that the cheapest solution is having a travel system set with push chair and the carrier. buying a separate carry cot is quite costly for us, and we decide to have the carrier as carry cot even if it is curvy, not straightly horizontal like a carry cot. this curvy is not good for baby's spine development but we hope you'll just be fine. mommy will not putting you in the carrier for a day!
infant carrier

for carrier, we sought for something multipurpose, i.e. can be used as carry cot, carseat, bouncer and swing. we went to several stores, looked for travel systems and try the carrier, whether it can swing or not. finally we found something attractive at sogo.this is safety 1st acella LX travel system. it's a bit bulky but we found it's very convenience and comfortable. we saw it as a solid performer, and the carseat has 5-points harness. the stroller also has trays for parents and the baby. and, we found the infant car seat clipped easily yet securely into the stroller to use it as a complete travel system. plus, the wheels have absorbers so that it won't go toing..toing... and most importantly we adore the design.

but we didn't buy it at sogo. still sought for another options like graco, chicco, peg-perego, maclaren, recaro, sweet cherry, elego, cosco, maxi cosi, combi, etc. finally we found one at mom's care 1utama with discount price! same brand, same model. safety 1st acella LX.

considering after your 1st year, you may not using the carrier anymore, we will spend for a toddler carseat later (we didn't buy a carseat for newborn-toddler bcos its not functioning as carrier or carrycot). long way to go, still have time to save money! :D and considering spaces at miri's shopping complex is very small, we'll get a sling once we back to semenanjung later.

so many things to consider before buying your thingies. we asked around about the most popular brands and styles, read the reviews, compare prices, etc. and we found out that this is the best choice. the cheapest in its class --after discount.