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when the lights go out

last nite during blackout, all of us gathered in the living room, with Bibik (there was only one torch light available & Bibik was afraid of darkness :D). this is the very first time all of us had leisure chat with her. we sat & chat, and also discussed about her salary.

she told us what hafiy does everyday while we're away to work.

  • mintak naik bilik atas. the on with 'HAFIY'sticked on the door. suka betul lepak situ panas2.
  • tgk cermin sambil goyang2 & pusing muka ala2 model. Bibik said "cover boy".
  • gerak2 tgn bila tgk burung.
  • when Bibik says "diam" terus diam, "tidur" terus pejam mata "minum" terus isap susu.
  • jam 5.30ptg dh start tengok luar rumah, tgk pintu, tgh gate, xsenang duduk :D
  • suka duduk atas riba Bibik. Bibik said "manja".
  • suka borak2 ngan Bibik.
  • pandai tunjuk2 nak apa.
  • bole duk dalam buai provided kene ayun2 setiap masa.

when with Mommy

24/7 nak bekepit & meraung kalo letak even baru 0.01 saat duk kat bawah.

while Bibik was telling us the story, Hafiy was babbling non-stop like telling "Bibik please don't tell everything to Mommy & Abiy! Bibik, please stop it!Bibik no!". sweet kan? he never be like that. dgn Mami tahu nk bekepit & melalak saja.

i remembered story about Aunt Fid's Akif. i told Abiy about these babies who don't like to reveal their potential to their parents. Abiy said:

there are 2 types of babies. independent and dependent. dependent babies like things such as "wah pandainya anak Mama","bijaknya anak Mama","wah anak Mama dah pandai ****". but independent babies are different. those statement would make them 'ah, malas la nk buat, igt orang teringin sgt ke nk buat' like that la.

wow wow wow. so my baby is an independent type :D

Abiy said, it is more challenging to layan independent babies. silap layan they'll get bored & xnk buat apa2. last2 jadi malas.... ya Allah please give us strength...

about the blackout, what worried me most was .. MY STOCK! oh it is not easy to collect such amount of bottles. furthermore, i'm facing production drop at the lowest limit level these days :( igt senang ke nk collect susu~ wooo~~~~

i kept on praying for the electricity to come back. oh my susuuu ;(( huwaaaa!!!

alhamdulillah, fortunately after 4 hours of darkness, the light was back! and my susu safe :D

for the contingency plan, i'll prepare lots and lots of ice and ice pack in my freezer. oh the stock is something that have to be seriously preserved.

actually i dont like blackout. but there's so much stories revealed and things to discussed.

tonite will be another strong storm forecasted. hopefully everything will be OK. last nite our neighbour's roof was blown by the storm, trees along Pujut 7 road were fallen, and a row of cars at offshore's stophouse were wreck :(