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My Bibik & Me

sebenarnya Mami tak ready nk cakap pasal Bibik tp macam nak cerita je lah.

actually i never-never ada bibik sebelum ni. when i was a little girl, our Moyang looked after us. and when the Lady Moyang passed away, we were key-latched kids and my Mom was a very incredible woman to work, manage household with 5 crazy kids and her hobby-gardening.

our main reason to choose Bibik to take care of our house and our kids is - the cost. Bibik's cost in Sarawak is the least and far more cheaper than sending to babysitter or nursery. so after think and thought we queued our name for a bibik.

cos we never had bibik at our parents' places, we were really bibik-blind. we sought infos from our friends who are bibik-experts to guide us on 'How to Layan Your Bibik so That She Won't Buat Hal'. and most of them told us to:-
  • jgn bagi muka
  • kene firm
  • suruh dia buat kerja
  • jangan bagi dia henpon
  • etc.
and i really did when the first bibik came. however, the bibik was a very proactive one. i never told ther to do this and that, but she did it in advance. and she was fast. she finished all housework including cuci longkang in afternoon. and she commented she got not enough work at our house. huhu. but unfortunately we had to let her go because of some reasons. sayang kan. i wish i could have a Bibik like her, again.

the second bibik (current bibik) came a month later. she is a bit different than the previous ones. the first bibik was a very work oriented ones. and she pleaded for works. until we had to say "maaflah bibik, rumah kami banyak orang jd xbanyak kerja. bibik rehat ajelah". and she complaint she was bored for not having much work to do. huhuhuhu! and this one is different lah. she's not as robotic as the previous wan. this one loves to talk and story everything. and she does works when i ask because 'takut terusik barang2 yg tak boleh sentuh'. hehe.

tp the boundary between us and bibik was still like as the pantang2 above until i read this entry from blog Aunty Iza, then i asked her about it. after reading her answer, it made me thinking about how did i layan my bibik all this while.

along the week yg kita kat KL, we sent bibik to Ibu AddinNasa's. and i learned another thing about layan bibik. Aunty N said, our bibik is a very good one, and i have to take a good care of her so that in return, she will take good care of my kid(s). and she bought a henpon to bibik so that bibik can call her kampung. but ustat came last nite and told bibik 'seharusnya ini tidak perlu.. sebab bazir uwang, nantinya kalo sudah ada, akan selalu2 nelepon. bila usah selalu nelepon, akan selalu rindu2..nanti tidak dpt kerja dgn aman. saya udah rasa itu' :D but i still allow her to has the hanpon with condition, "telefon sebulan sekali sudah ya bibik".

this week i started to cook (back) even if Abiy said my cooking tak sedap, Bibik lg sedap (huh?). all this while i let bibik to cook because i wanted to spend the precious time with my baby. ya la, we reached home at 6pm, 6.30pm maghrib sudah, and Abiy doesn't like to has late dinner.

last nite bibik told us that she thought the gaji here was as high as at Saudi. and she asked for raise. wowowow. honestly speaking, we couldn't attend her request cos the why we opt for bibik pun is to reduce our opex, and now we have to be a bit frugal to buy emergency air tickets. but we're very good and flexible to allow her doing part time by tidying up other's houses in this area. so this weekend she'll start her part-time.

she told us the story about her family and the *along who lent her money and asked 700% return. (*along is ceti haram lah. i am along too, but 'saya bukan along, saya cuma nak tolong'). but we can't tolerate more to her problems because we have our problems jugak and hopefully our kindness for allowing her doing part time is OK enough. and she would manage her money wisely so that she can pay the along ASAP rather than buying prepaid or others titbits. plus, we provide her toiletries and biskut as 'ehsan majikan'.

i layan her like how i layan my friends and she is very free in our house, except i don't 'allow' her to tidy up our bedroom and my toilet. i asked her to cuci the toilet 2 weeks ago but the result was, i had to cuci sendiri lepas tu. fhm2 ajelah.

i don't expect much la on her. enough for her to take care of my kid(s) and my properties while i'm away to work. and hopefully she's happy working with us, and don't run away. huhu. when i want her to do something i say "bibik, tolong buat ni ya". oh ya, last nite she said she has to do works at night (cos during the day has to gendong Hafiy all the time) but no OT pay. hahaha. kelaka la bibik ni. apa dia igt rumah kita ni kilang kasut ke. buat lawak kot bibik ni. mintak baya sewa bilik baru tau :P

our previous bibik once told me that most bibik2 yg buat hal is not because the bibik jahat alone, but the layanan majikan is macam tak anggap bibik tu orang. even if majikan baik, but sometimes ada layanan2 tertentu yg wat bibik kecil hati, pendam & lama2 jadi geram. she said, if majikan baik "seperti bapak sama embak" no bibik will buat hal or run away. :) amiin.

i hope i'm a good madam. the bibik requested for jalan2 jauh sikit. we promised her a trip to Brunei and sambut raya di Semenanjung. and whatever she requests, we try to attend, as long as not go beyond the boundary lar. being a madam ni.. tough jugak. i reflect my relationship with my b*ss. i always rebel when i feel something 'wrong' with his order. so if i can 'oppose' my boss (who gives me rating at the end of the day), why shouldn't my bibik?