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What I Want You to Be?

Hafiy: ni map nakgi cari harta karun tau.
Adam: ala takyah kelentong kita tau ni alas meja.

"awak kita nk cakap samting kita terpoo-poo dalam suar"
"hehehek geli jela awak ni"

"hey tepilah!"
"lu apehal bro?"

when i was in primary 1, my teacher asked me about my ambition. i still remember the answer was "saya nak jadi askar cikgu!". and the teacher replied with "perempuan mana bole jadi askar" hehe.

at age 10, i asked my dad about what did he wants me to be. he said, he wants me to be an architect. at that age, i didnt know what architect is, but i wrote it in my books, and told everyone that i wanted to be an architect. i put my target in studies, to study hard in order to achieve my ambition, which i believed it was a little bit harder than to become a housewife. hehe.

however, i wasn't exposed to what i should go through i.e. courses at university, which campus, etc.
i just went with the flow, until i had to make my own decision on what i should take after my secondary. i applied all unis, other than UPU, i sent forms to all unis in the papers. but i terlepas pandang on overseas application :( i got almost all offers, from UIA, Uniten, MMU, UTP... but i chose UTP because it came first :D it was soo no direction, and it was no more architecture.

and now i am not an architect, but somebody with no value to the nation oh d****!!!

during my internship, i still remember my conversation with a manager in that construction site. he told me something like,
Malays' parents usually don't know their role in helping their kids pursuing the future. unlike other races, they already have in mind what should their kids be in future plus the resources, and they use it to encourage their kids, so that their kids will have clear direction and avoid them to be unemployed.

my mom told me to study hard so that i can get good job, but i myself didn't know what good job was, until i finished my degree and hunt for job like a crazy. luckily i took engineering.

very significant isn't it?

i went through that, and i dont want my kids to walk through it again. we don't map or plan on what our kids should be in future, but we encourage and help them to have a better picture on what they should consider when thinking about their futures. i have a dream that my kids able to say something like this:
i want to get *As in my UPSR because i want to study medicine after SPM at a medical college in Ireland and i to be an oncology to do research for cancer's treatment before i reach 30YO.

i don't need my kids to be a super genius like can solve Calculus at age of 6 or can create any Physics formula at age 9, enough for they can use their potential to help themselves, our family and most importantly our nation.

for us (Abiy & i), a true genius is not a super-intelligent, but someone who can help himself & others.