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7 Wonderful Months

oh dear my baby is 7 month old today! how fast time flies... you have only 5 month to go to your first birthday!

i reminisce back... what have i done to you all this while? is it worth for you, having a Mommy like me? :( eh, of course, i breastfeed you!

you gave us a very impressive 7-month birthday present... guess what? you creep! :D it happened last nite when Abiy put his laptop on the floor, and we saw you creep [should i say, crawl?] to get the lappy. when we aware about your effort, Abiy moved the lappy farther, and you still trying to reach it. oh how sweet my baby...

last week, you had a very high fever. for 4 days your body T was 39degree C (i see..., it's normal but to me it's enough to make me worry a lot!), and it was when Abiy flew to Kuantan. however, you didn't show any sign of sickness, no flu, no cry, no clingy, just your body T. when we brought you to the doctor, he said "betul ke demam ni, ceria je", and you really were when he measured your temperature :D

after the high T, you got measle-like rashes all over your body, especially your torso and your face. again, we worried about eczema, german measle, or dengue! again, we brought you to see the paed. in those 5 days, you met those doctors 3 times! but everything was OK. Dr Philip said it might be some alergic, but nothing serious. orang tua kata, ruam panas sembuh demam. the demam is because to release the rashes. i dunno & i dun care as long as you're OK. it was just for 2 days, then your skin back to normal :D

post-fever, you became more active than before. you started to creep, and jumping here and there when i hold you on my arm. and you can say "Mamamama" "Babababa" "Bebebebe" "Pipipipipi" and Bibik said you can say "Mami!". i don't surprised cos you like to do thing at our back.

last week, we went to Brunei with Mak Tok, Tok Ayah & Pak Su. we supposed to meet Mummy AH, but unfortunately, because of the last minute arrangement, we fell to the different places. she waited for us at Aminah Arif at Kiulap while we were at 'God knows where' Aminah Arif :D we spent about B$40 (about RM100) for our lunch bcoz we didn't know what we ordered.. if only we met Aunt Huaida.. ;( but it's OKla.. gave us lesson to be learnt :D next time we make sure a proper plan in place! at least she 'guided' us to Aminah Arif where we could try the 'Ambuyat'. so unique and i wish to have it again!

this time, our trip to Brunei was a bit meaningful la. all this while we just went to Yayasan, this time we were at Hua Ho Manggis Mall & Hua Ho Tanjung Bunut. thanks to Mummy AH! and then i knew that my boy likes Barney very much! you laugh when we showed the talking Barney and any Barney doll to you, but not when we showed other dolls. however we didn't buy you the talking Barney cos the price was... hmm.. next time la sayang ya. when watching Barney at home, you'll look at the TV very seriously when Barney appears, when he's not in the screen, you'll scream like "where's my Barney!". hehe. eii geram la.

today for the very first day we left you alone with Bibik. Mommy had course at Marriot, i left my telekung at home, so after sending Abiy to office, i went back home to take it, and i saw you were on Bibik's gendongan, holding your bottle - thing i never saw.

about solids, we stopped it since 2 weeks ago, since you were not interested in any. so, we decided to wait until you 'request'. actually, you like to participate in our mealtime, but you don't like your food. you prefer celup2 tangan dalam mangkuk than eating. so, no no lah.

some said you are going to get your first tooth because you like to put anything in your mouth, including Mommy's toes.. but i tot you did it since 4 months ago! and nothing appears on your gum. furthermore, Mommy don't anticipate your to teething sooner. hehe. now pon very2 the sakit when you gigit my nips by your hard gum...

Hafiy my love.. Mommy miss you so much!