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How to Pump Milk?

answering 'mama tak reti's question.

i hope i knew MTT's background. how long has she been nursing? how old is the baby? does she direct feeding all this while? what type of pump is she using? etc.

i'm not a BF pro, just maybe with my little knowledge (the one i practice), i can share, & other moms also can give their comments.

i use Avent Isis UNO. it's an electrical, uno (single) pump, which i bought a year ago at Parkson, KLCC. i chose this pump because of its mini-sized, and multi-usage. can be manual, electric & battery. most important, it is mobile and can campak2 ke mana saja.

using electical pump is sooo pleasurable. UNO's suction is weaker than manual Avent, however it is very convenience for i don't have to use my hand to make the pump works. and i can pump while reading, chatting, sms-ing, etc. it's noisy, yes, but i don't know how noisy it is compared to other pumps cos i never hear other pumps' noises.

my pumping routine started at 9.00am, and i try to make 4 sessions per day during working hours.

previously i pumped in the surau, in my telekung, however now i found new places which are more private than pumping in surau :D

the must to pump using electrical pump is the power supply. haha. and a comfortable space. prior to pumping, i massage the boobs gently to make the fluid loosen.

different mothers have different techniques in pumping milk. some are begin with strong suction to get the let-down before the steady suction along the session. some begin with lowest setting suction to make them just feel comfortable prior to let down. and massaging top & the side is helpful so the milk will come out easily. maybe we can reposition the boobs in the funnel.

let down between mothers are very unique. some moms might have strong let down and some might be slow let down. and this also depend on the techniques and the type of pumps.

i am not a mom with 'large flow' milk. but for the office sake, i set 5 minutes minimum to pump each boob. usually i get the amount of 3,4 or 5 oz within than 10minutes. and sometimes 2 oz or even less. but it does not mean that my milk starts to dry up, it might be because of my fluid intake, food intake or my mood.

if MTT is still not working and direct feed, the pumping amount might not be that much, since the baby is direct feed, and the demand for direct feeding is still high. MTT should not stop pumping for the reason of not much milk comes out, the rule of thumb is supply is base on demand, so keep on pumping so that the boob may 'send the message' to the brain that it has to produce more milk at certain times.

pumping session should be a relaxing one. try to get rid of anything that can make us less concentrate. the best is to put our babies' faces in our mindframes. and don't push yourself too hard to urge the milk to flow out. ease yourself with selawat, or any zikrullah.

milk pumping should be the best experience and stress-relief tool during the 8-5 (here 7.30-4.30) working hours.

other mommies might want to add, & hope it helps!

[i'm having malas-pump syndrome right now. oh plz dose me some motivation!]