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Coping With Working and Pumping

nowadays i found out that no more "working cause BFing impossible". yea maybe some dads still. most of the ladies at my workplace knew what i do cos they see me everyday in the surau pumping milk. and some men knew if they went to same courses with me, cos i'll bring my pumping bag along & it is enough to explicit questions.
at previous 7habit course:
the trainer "are you going to fly as well?" when seeing my bags.
mr macho "no la. she's pumping milk for her baby"

i am not a 'gifted' mom with 'banyak susu'. i only manage to collect about 3-3.5oz for each pumping session. so i have to pump frequently to cater 16oz per day needed by my stash. so i pump 4 times at work at:
  • 9 o'clock
  • 11 o'clock
  • 2 o'clock
  • 4 o'clock
despite my *%^$%% job, i am such a lucky coz i'm working on office based, NEVER (so far) have to go to the sites, offshore, terminals, etc. so i have times to make it 4 pumping session, unless when i have to go out for courses.
during courses i manage to pump maximum 3 times... during breaks & lunch hour.

another bonus point to me is i am the only executive doing the 'document controlling' things. i plan the meetings. so, my meeting schedule is at 10am if it's in the morning, and 2.30pm if it's during the afternoon. ahah. it doesn't even touch any sheet of my pumping schedule :D

i still envy on mommies who manage to get 5,6,7,8,9,10,etc oz per session. hehe. i am struggle to get 3-3.5oz. but it is not an excuse for 'susu kurang' cos i knew the trick is to PUMP FREQUENTLY. i usually have chat with Mama Ryan (when i'm home or when the office's YM works properly :D) cos she just like me, we pump frequently to cater our babies' need. and sometimes Mommy Adam via email :D it's really motivating by having pumping buddies even if they're thousands miles away.

i miss the good old days when my boobs engorged like melons and filled up the 9oz bottle in each pumping session. when i started working, my body learned the demand, and the supply is not 'always there', & don't feel 'full' all the time. it 'filling the tank' on demand, and when the pumping time comes, usually it sends a message to "pump now!" via let-down reflex. so if only i forget about the time, my super intelligent body will send the message so that i won't miss the session.

up to this point, i still manage to work & pump happily. unless when i have to go abroad (the most 'abroad' to me is to KL, KK or Kertih), oh i still can't tell cos i'm yet to go, but in my head is bringing Hafiy together & have to find a place to stationed him while i'm doing my job. and for offshore assignment, i'm gonna prepare frozen EBM for his need during my absence.

i used to be a bit skeptical for working mommies who say WE can't BF (i assume all SAHM are BFing). but after having a conversation with my friend, E, who's not-BFing, very proactively, then i changed my mind. i'll story later2 about E :)

to BF or not to BF, is the mother's choice.