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Aksi Terlampau Seorang Hafiy

gimme that pie!

ahhh lega~

a baby is a good observer and absorber. gosh it's really true! Hafiy, doesn't like to eat his baby food, or any food for babies, including the baby biscuit. bubur nasik toksah cakaplah. at first, i tot it was a 'food phobia' coz during his illness he vomited just after having some spoons of bubur beras bario. but today i knew it wasn't that, but he wants to have what we have.

we went to a dinner, sponsored by psro, (isnt it?) at a hotel. i didn't bring any of his food coz at home, he said no-no to anything. but during the dinner he was like 'wow, food!' to everything. i gave him some fruits, and he mashed it with his gum until i felt scare of him might be choking. Abiy put a japanese beancurd (please dont tell me whether it's suitable or not suitable for baby, in 'darurat' you will do anything) on a fork and he was like "gimme that!" and he grabbed the beancurd with his hand. omg i tried to put him off the dining hall but it didn't work. so i took a piece of potato and mashed it in a bowl (suggested by TJ) but he refused and still hunting for the 'beancurd with fork'.

and last nite we went to Bintang Mall's Mc D. i didnt know where did he learn to drink using straw. until Abiy had to do some mitigation plan by pressing the straw (like in the picture) to hinder the coke from flowing into his mouth.

i knew it's not unique. everybaby goes through this stage. but we have to do something to make him loves food that suitable for him.

some might say "bagi je la apa dia nak.." but for us, we are parents and our child(ren) is only a baby. he makes decision based on impulse, not values. and we, as parents should teach him the values. a little child has no life experience, and no knowledge, so we can't expect them to do correct things at the first time. we should guide them to do things correctly.

another example, if a child likes to koyak2 buku. we shouldn't stop providing him books so that the wont koyak2 anymore, instead, provide him with suitable books for koyak2 like old magazine or supermarket catalogue, and keep on telling him that 'this book is for us to read, not to koyak2' or from the perca2, we can work on it together to make a craft or whatever. so the child knows the value and avoid them to label 'koyaking buku is prohibited, fullstop', instead 'buku is to be read not to be koyaked'.

remember that we are the parents, and the decisions lay on us. even Rasulullah once said, a baby born as a white clothe, and parents paint him to be a Muslim, a Jew or a Christian.

to have kids is easy, but to be parents, is a little bit tougher. er.. i mean, good parents.