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this is to answer aunty intan's tag.

we can't comply the requirement lah since we don't have baby cot. we co-sleep! and i'm not going to share my bed's picture here. hehe. secret place tuuuu!

actually, we wanted to buy a baby cot, or playpen, since 98.9% of our frens bought cribs for their babies. we planned to buy it earlier then, but for the budget's sake, we defer it until we're back to Miri. so since birth, Hafiy was co-sleep with Mommy.

back to Miri, i was interested no more to have any baby cot. we were very comfortable to sleep on the same bed. you know what, it is very easy for night feeding. and this is part of attachment parenting, where the baby sleep soundly in the loving arm of the mother. and you know what, it gives extra time to me and my baby to spend together, after long working hours.

i heard many negative feedback about co-sleeping, like:
  • baby will not independent
  • increase risk of SID
  • mom roll over the baby
  • baby roll over and fall from bed
  • baby don't wanna leave parents' bed
  • baby cannot sleep without mother
  • etc.
yes, co-sleeping has its pro and cons. in fact, everything has pro and cons and its depend on us how to reduce the cons and how to optimize the pro, if we choose to do it.

reduce the risk of co-sleeping by:
  • don't use heavy blanket i.e. comforter until the baby is older enough
  • if possible, don't use blanket
  • put pillow away from baby
  • don't sleep with other toddlers :D
  • put a barrier i.e. bantal peluk if you're too tired
about the dependency, or the difficult transition to their own room later, i don't think it's a problem. according to Dr. Sears, co-sleeping gives the child of overall feeling of well-being and confidence. and info from babycentre says "some people believe that babies who co-sleep with their parents are more independent, more outgoing, and more confident as children. As adults, they have higher self-esteem, better stress-management skills, and are more comfortable with intimacy than adults who slept alone as babies".

and yes, Hafiy really can't sleep without Mommy. he needs the cik nen and sometimes want to sleep on Mommy's chest. some look at this as 'letihla maknye kalo nak tido kene macam tu je'.i saw he slept with others, he doesn't need those things, only with me. and i don't feel 'susah' to put my baby to sleep on my chest or my arm. it won't be long, isn't it? i really cherish this moment. when he becomes a big brother or when he is big enough, he won't sleep on my chest anymore. even sometimes, even if he is in deep sleep, i put him on my chest, to make me sleep plak :D

is that why we choose co-sleeping? actually, we don't need any good reason to co-sleep, cos our WHY is only because - to save our $$$$ :D