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Hi Mommy!

hi Mommy. hi Abi. how you're doin' today?

today is my 34th weeks residing inside my Mommy's tummy. it's getting tight and so confine being here. i have not enough space to kick. everytime i do a kick, i'd hear Mommy's voice of "ouch!" "ow!" "adus!", etc. and i always kick on her ribs or pelvis. what to do... i just know front kick and Mommy doesn't teach me how to do twisting kick yet.

Mommy says i am big. i guess she's right. i'm about 2kg now, or maybe less by 100-200 gram. and plus the amniotic fluid, uterus and placenta, Mommy must be carrying almost 4kg loads on her abdomen. or maybe more. if i can add her breast and additional blood into account. oh, no wonder Mommy always tells me that she's tired and cannot bear to be in vertical position longer than before. but i guess this should serve her right, cos she likes to consume sugary food and beverage especially candies and raw sugar! Abi might get mad if he knows Mommy always chori-chori chupke-chupke eating raw sugar and gula melaka from our fridge.

i really like it when Mommy' does her job on PC. i like the sound of the keyboard when Mommy put her fingers on it. i think PC is something powerful coz when we're there, i always hear different sound. sometimes al-Quran, sometimes pop song, sometimes beethoven's, and sometimes like somebody's talking to Mommy from nowhere. hmm, i must ask Abi to get one for me :)

usually when Mommy goes to sleep, i'll follow her. sometimes she sleeps before me and sometimes i sleep before her. but i really don't like when Mommy turns to Abi's side while sleeping. i'll do something to make Mommy turn to the other side. Mommy says i am jealous but i just don't want to kick Abi and disturb him. let him sleep peacefully. Abi need enough rest because he has to work hard to ensure my comfortability when i arrive.

i think Abi's working really hard. he's always busy doing his jobs in the office as well as at home. he must be struggling to be the best Abi of mine. because of that, Abi seldom talks to me. sometimes in his free time, Abi would touch me and call me by my nickname"Budak Kecik". he should know that i am a big boy now. Mommy says, i should be as hardworking as Abi is. Abi reads lots of books. i think, he'll ask me to read them when i grow up. Mommy always tells me that she wants me to be Abi's copy. she says, Abi is the greatest man she ever knew. i think, i wanna show her that i can be better.

now i am already in my head-down position. this cause Mommy feels discomfort on her pelvis area. but i like this very much coz Mommy always touch my head when she feels the pain. and because of her 'stretch mark' under her belly button, i can say, everyminute, she puts lotion on it. and i can feel the warmth of her hands on my head.

i like to show Mommy my butt and feet. i think she can see my butt and foot are getting bigger day by day. but Mommy likes to babap me, she says "if you notty2 Mommy will 'babap' you like this". i want to be a good boy so that Mommy won't babap me!

actually, i really can't wait to go out from this room. i really want to straighten my stiffen legs up, cuz this place is very small. and i want to see Mommy and Abi, for now i just hear their voice. but Mommy says, i am still immature and need to be kept in incubator if i go out before full term, after all, all my goods are at my grandparents' houses in KL and KB. Mommy says if i go out now, she has to wrap me with old newspapers. and she says, once i go out, she has to leave me alone, coz she can't carry me like now anymore. oh, i better just stop complaining. afterall, i don't wanna disturb Abi's plan. i know he has a very limited leave to take.

Mommy says, this September, she'll be 26 as per Hijrah year and Abi'll be 25 as per Gregorian year. i wish, i would be called to get out in 13th October as they wish, so that i can give them a very special belated birthday gift.


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