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8 Things About Us Me

we've been tagged by aunt chivv. let's do this together since my new update is still unreleased.

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#1 My Real Anxiety is MY WEIGHT!
since i realized that i am a girl, i started to worry about my weight. i still remember when i was in form 1, my weight was the highest among my friends. they were 35kg below and mine was 41kg! from that i started to watch my activity - exercising! and started to take plenty of junk food. uhuhuhu. then my weight went up to 50kg when i was in form 4, form 5, 1st year, 2nd, year, 3rd year.. and i set target to loss into 45kg during my industrial training. hehe. i did it! what an achievement..

before pregnant my weight become inconsistent, from 44-47kg. and my target is to gain maximum 59kg throughout this pregnancy. :) you think i can, kah?

#2 I Wrote Short Stories, Novels, Poems, Lyrics...
believe it or not... but it was a long time ago. i like poetry during my primary school and used to be a composer for my class's performance. i loved writing short stories. Bahasa Melayu class was my favourite cos i could write stories :D (my english was very bad those days. even i dunno how to use the 'a,an,the'..). when i was in secondary, i wrote some novels. hahaha. the readers were my classmates. if only i published those i might be a famous writer by now. hahaha!

but now, all those skills are gone. hehe. i even can't write a simple poem. stories? hmm.. forget it. even now, i'm really not into reading. i dunno why. my uncle said i used to be crazy reading everything when i was a child, including kertas bungkus goreng pisang. huhu. now? hehe.

#3 I Love Watching Cartoon
when Abi wanted to subscribe Astro, i asked him to get the cartoon channel instead of sport. my must-watch are spongebob squarepants, chibi maruko chan, shin chan, ninja boy, madeline, mr bean, and any light & easy cartoon series. my favourite movies are a bug's life and ice age. i watched them over & over again.

#4 My Both Palms Have Continuous Lines

people say one of the miracle of human creation is their palm lines, when combined become 99 = Allah's name (81+18 in Arabic numerical). but it doesn't applied on me. the line at the middle of my palm is continuous, making it doesn't resemble 18 and 81 but 8 and 8.

some told me that, having this kind of palm is a sign that i am able to kill by my hands. hwa3x. so beware...

#5 I Drew Pictures
this is another diminished yet vanished skill that i had. now i can't even draw any single object. hahaha. i dunno where does my talent goes. but i tried once to draw Abi's portrait. hehe.

#6 I am A Good Spender
seriously, if i'm not marrying Abi, i might end up in high debt. huhuh.

#7 I am Afraid of Dog
i knew dogs during my stayed at hostel 10 years ago. everynite i could hear the barking. as a kampung gurl with no dog around, i was really scare when the sound was continuously haunting my ears. until now, if there's dog outside our car, i won't go out. luckily we don't have any free guards here, as what our nextdoor neighbor has.... doggies!

#8 I am A Sanguine
not sure how true it is. i underwent several tests all resulted i am a sanguine type : cheerful, optimistic, hopeful, confident, Pollyannaish, animated, assured, buoyant, enthusiastic, expectant, hopeful, lively, secure, self-assured, self-confident, spirited, undoubtful, upbeat. :) i think, maybe... but Abi always add another quality of me -> a flirt! it's because i am a Gemini!

OK. i think that's enough. even, i need 2 days to think about the above. huhu.

so.. let's tag others plak :)

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