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We Did It!

a year ago...

after isyak, both of us were merged into a tie called MARRIAGE. it was the biggest event ever after my convocation (transforming me from a student into an unemployed), this time i'd changing my status from single to married. and the even bigger thing was, i was married to a man that i kept in my eyes and dream for so long. i'd been watching over him since we were placed in the same lab during our 1st year but only as a secret secret admirer. i was too ugly to catch any guy (& maybe still..).

our very first day was... dunno what to say.. because abi caught in high fever a day before our solemnization. we were 'cooped' in our bedroom since abi couldn't even sit because of his aching body. and he was only recovered 3-4 days later. and another thing was, i raised my red flag on the same day abi got fever. huh!

we spent 5 days at my parent's house before we made our move to KL for the reception at abi's side. we planned to stop by genting highland, but unfortunately no room available, only one with 2 single bed. 2 single bed? i rather sleep in the car then :P frustrated, we then went to KL straightaway, to my wan & akis' home. my mom said, don't even go nor drop by abi's parents' house before the reception. not nice... both of us slept on in my own single bed room. ha, now that's better.

days after the reception, i went back to work and abi flew back to miri. then our life as a long distance couple began. didn't like other couples, abi seldom came back to see me. despite the condition, i was hoping that you'd come into our life as soon as possible so that i wouldn't feel lonely.

i stayed with abi's parents. usually at night we spent time watching TV while chatting with each other. but sometimes i felt lonely cuz nobody to talk to, in the same language. the most broken-hearted news that time was when getting the news of this person & this person, got pregnant just after they get married. and i stopped contacting my newly-wed friends, to take care of my own feeling :)

abi came back few days before aidilfitri. gladly we got married 2 month before raya... if not i don't know when would i see him again. and again, i raised my red flag just after abi's arrival. huhu. so cruel...

my first raya as abi's wife & mbahs' daughter in law. the nicest part was, everytime we went beraya to the relatives' houses, they would ask "mana satu mantunya?", because of the similar faces of ours :D and when mbah introduced me to them, "wah, kok sama aje mukanye. mmg jodoh nih" :D and we don't have to predict who's face you're going to heritage... abi's face or mommy's face... doesn't make any different right?

Our early days as hubby and wifey.

now after a year...

mommy & abi now are a happily married couple, living together under one roof of a small semi-D house, away from our hometowns and families. surrounded by our friends who are in the same boat. struggling to cope with our daily office routine. & gladly waiting for your arrival!

my life is now complete, as a woman. i have concerned families & friends, career, a great husband and little someone who's gonna call me ...MOMMY!

it's been a year, my life totally changes, from 24 to 25, from single to married, from a loser to a laku-jugak-aku-rupanya :P, from Cik to Puan, from Miss to Madam, from a virgin to a.. :D, from an engineer to a.... something diverted away from engineering, from KL to Miri, & from ayang to mommy!

you are the best anniversary gift from Him!

to abi,

i'm so thankful, grateful, overwhelm, relieve, satisfy... for our genuine love and relationship. a year together is just like a blink for me. i need more time to know you, to adore you, to love you, to care for you...

sharing life with you grows me stronger. you shape me up and brace up me with eagerness to have a better life of ours. as you always say, compliment to each other, and it's really significant to me. our differences completes us and because of that, we have this cute little boy inside my belly :)

thank you for loving me since last year!

i love you & miss you so much