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Feeding Choice

i dunno since when, but i really inspired to breastfeed my children. it might started since one of my fren gave birth to her first daughter 2 years ago and she breastfed. we always had conversation back then about breastfeeding, even if that time i didn't have any plan to marry anybody. she shared with me about how to handle breastmilk, about pumping, storing, thawing, etc. and even, many of my frens are the successful milk factories to their children.

when i presented my plan to Abi, he was very supportive. even, he encourage me to breastfeed you until you're 2 years old, as what has been mentioned in al-Quran. making me feel more proud, he made some reading about breastfeeding, especially about expressed milk. and he proudly sponsored your sets of breastpump, sterilizer, warmer, cooler bag and bottles - after doing some product reviews to ensure you'll get the best.

a very special gift from Abi.

i used to think that breastfeeding is a natural process, everymom should able to produce milk up to her child's need. however, after getting serious into breastfeeding especially exclusive/fully, i found out that it is always better said than done. only those who really want and determine to breastfeed are really enjoy a success story of breastfeeding moms. those who just say "i want to breastfeed" may not always successful.

i have many friends who are "i want to breastfeed but my milk is gone after several weeks", "i am working and it hinders me from breastfeeding", "my job requires me to go outstation" & a one 'pityful' opinion like "you are crazy, how can i breastfeed my baby from office?" and many more opinions.

the first 3 comments initially made my motherly nerve stopped for a while. until i came to the extend that... in mini depression for being afraid of not able to breastfeed because of reasons like those. especially having a boy who is always called 'kuat makan'. then i started to like 'mengadu' to my senior who is a successful milkfactory to her 10 months son. she told me that "breastfeeding is not a thing you can find in the desert. it is in you and you are the one who could ensure the production and it's really up to you. don't listen to moms who 'have to' stop breastfeed because they have to go outstation, but listen to those who are able to fully breastfeed even if have to be away for 1-2 weeks".

she gave me some petua and tips prior to breastfeeding. and her most pricey advise is 'bila doa, niatkan supaya awak mampu susukan anak, bukan mintak susu banyak. kadang2, susu banyak tp xmampu menyusukan. insya-Allah, Dia akan bantu awak utk susukan anak awak'.

and a friend of mine asked if my gynae checks my nipples or not. she said it is important to ensure these nipples are perfect so that i would be able to breastfeed. during her first pregnancy, her gynae checked for inverted nipple and luckily hers were normal. and she strongly suggested me to do so. so, next check up i should ask dr aida to examine mine :) can't hardly wait for this saturday to see your face!

then i read some books, articles and go to www for infos about breastfeeding especially for a working mother who may not only work in the office. reading success stories & discussion with breasfeeding moms are really helpful. then now i able to come out with my own plan.

i decided to take 2-months unpaid leave because i'm gonna spend my whole maternity leave at my parents's house. with a one-door refrigerator, i won't be able to prepare for your stock. even worse, we have to compete with my mom's bahan2 mentah in the fridge. so, with the 2 months that we're gonna spend at our very own home, with a 2-doors refrigerator, i hope i will be able to prepare enough stock for you when i go back to work.

why i choose exclusive breastfeeding? apart from the nutritions and what is suggested by our religion; i can feel the continuous bonding between us, since it began when you were initially implanted in my womb. another one is struggling to be different. none in my family fully breastfeed. even my mom breastfed us during the confinement period only. and, this is a way to have a frugal life hahak. great investment in your pumping set, hopefully fruitful.

and the must is, Abi's support. he said, even if i have to fly to Vietnam, or spend a week offshore, he will ensure that you'll have enough supply. again, Abi have to bear my supplement and nutritious food cost ;p or maybe extra freezer if i'd blessed with high production like Abi's Betty :P.

Abi in his corporate shirt.

"O Allah, please guide and allow us to share the goodness of natural food You created in this Mommy's body. Ameen"
*i never say formula-feeding is not good cos i am a formula-fed baby too! every mom wants the best to her kiddies OK.
**would other mommies & mom-to-bes like to comment & give some advise?