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At 33 Weeks

a week before officially entering 8 month. oh God.. only 7 weeks to EDD and 4 weeks to full term! but i still can't answer if people ask about "how do you feel?". to be frank, i like to have you in my tummy, cos i can carry you to everywhere & anywhere. huhu. once you're born, i have to think of "to whom should i leave this boy?" & for sure i'm gonna miss you so much!

we started our once a-2-week prenatal visit now. what i like about prenatal visit is, beside i can check my maternal condition, i also can see you through the sonogram. and what i love the most is, seeing you heart beating. whether you're moving or not, when looking at your heartbeat, and it's four rooms, i feel calm. that's mean you are very OK. and i can see your perfectly formed limbs. and FYI,i never undergo ultrasound just to check your gender!

so what is happening this week?

this very week, your head cross-section is 8.2cm. perfect. it's in the red circle. and in its position already. please.. please.. please don't turn OK my dear... good boy have to listen to Mommy OK? the image quality is very poor. using my 2.0megapixel cameraphone on a printed paper ... what d ya expect?

as usual, you like to put your hand on your forehead. red circle=your fingers; green circle=your head. dr aida said "baby you suka berfikir ni". hmm, just like Abi, kan? you're really Abi's boy la. if only we can have the 3d scan....

this time, you showed your ball & peanut. very the big OK! & the doctor printed it out (she's very excited), but mommy don't want to put it here. maluuuuu~~~.

my weight chart. i gained 2kg in 2 weeks! i should gain 1kg per 2 weeks instead! gosh! my eating habit is as usual (before pregnant). my appetite doesn't increase nor decrease but my weight keep on climbing to the summit! i have another 4kg to be gained but it's 7 weeks remaining! arrghhhh!

my belly is really big. and heavy. i think it's expanding day by day. however, the doctor still doesn't wanna reveal your weight until the 34th week. saba je la...

*this is absolutely not my belly!
i got stretch marks! demn... i applied oil-based (i.e. baby oil & olive oil) & cocoa butter stretch marks lotion since you were 2 months in my womb. but i still have this #&*&*@&#@#$ mark! how i expected my belly skin is elastic! grrr... i am in the lowest point of my bad mood today since i discovered the 'rashes' i had below my belly button is actually the stretch marks! arghhh!!!! i took pictures, saw it in the mirror and touched the broken epidermis while weeping on this bloody thing! my epidermis has torn! i'm gonna have an ugly belly! hwaaaa!!!

last nite mommy noticed that you started to kick on my ribs. then you like to place your feet on it. it's a bit disturbing (time mommy nak tido la awak tendang2) but it's OK. at least it's better than when you slept the whole day, yesterday. so boring OK! how could you left mommy talking to myself while you were soundly landing on your slumberland.

now i get used to my braxton hicks. it's a bit frequent but not that disturbing as before. and you make lots of movement, maybe bcos of this week is the best place along this journey, since the amniotic fluid it at its highest level. so you have more cushioned effect to bump on my tummy.

sometimes i feel my back ache, but it's over when i change my posture. and i become a bit plump. is it because of my fat or edema, im not sure. but it's not obvious la. my friends say all my weight goes to my belly. and aunt wani's advise really works!- bengkok kaki masa geliat. say no to leg cramp!

dear God, please get this stretch marks out of my belly...!