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KK Trip and Abi's Leaving

early this week mommy got an invitation (invitation? should be an assignment) to attend a meeting at Kota Kinabalu. it'a a meeting to gather my counterparts from Kerteh & Kota Kinabalu and i in order to discuss further about our regional projects.

with this heavily pregnant tummy, everybody was worried when i said that i'm going to KK before the weekend. "you can fly ah?", "you shouldn't fly in this condition", "how many months are you?" etc were the common questions and opinion. hehe.

to make everybody happy (especially the airline company) i rushed to the clinic a day before the trip, taking a letter from Dr. Aida, ensuring that i still can fly. anyway we were there to check my continuous painful-braxton hicks (it was very painful especially at night and made me feel so uneasy of having early delivery), the doctor was a bit worry and she said if the pain is still and intense, please rush to the hospital. however, after the meeting (actually only a telecon, the doctor had already go out for lunch), i could feel no more pain. hmm.. maybe you just miss dr aida or just mengada2..

that night, abi cook for us. a very special nasi goreng. actually i love abi's cooking, especially his nasi goreng. very cukup-rasa, its salty, spicy, creamy, :D he made it with love.


flight from Miri to KK is limited, only 2 trip per day, early morning and at night. i took night flight cos had something to do in the office. the meeting started that night but unfortunately i couldn't make it earlier.

for the first time i need a letter to fly, beside my passport and ticket.

i was accompanied by kak syikin (not sure whether she is a 'Kak' or just my age, but i like to call her kak syikin :P) we reached at KK Airport at 9.55pm, the rushed to sutera harbour. we were late for that session's meeting. then we just lepak2 in our room, sooo very the penat!

L-R: somebody is sleeping soundly inside. our room at Pacific Sutera.

i dunno what time we were able to close our eyes. and you were not very active, maybe because of the journey. and the tiredness gave me a very bad dream. then woke up late for the next's morning meeting :P

because of the limited flight, we have to cut short our discussion. a-day-long to 3-hour-long. how efficient. actually, it was a great pleasure, giving us time to go shopping!

L-R: dry food at the pasar beside Filipino Market (the gantung2 one are gamat kering. Uncle Tuk holding a gamat.

wished to have a walk throughout the resort, but i had to surrender to my exhaustiveness. after having lunch, i slept like a log in the surau. only woke up 2 hours before our flight to Miri. this time i was with Auntie Ola. refreshed ourselves, then we rushed to the airport, prayed for no flight delay.

bad weather on the way, making the plane in turbulence. that was my first time experiencing such that jumping-jumping thing while flying. everybody screamed and i was thinking about 'we are we now? on land or offshore?'.

finally we reached Miri Airport on time. abi fetched us. this could be the last time i carry you to KK.

actually, there's another story. abi's going to KL for a week. he'll fly this Sunday and comes back next Sunday.

i tried to apply for a-week course at KL, so that we can follow Abi. last Tuesday, i already got a confirmation email from the organizer, telling that my participation has been confirmed. great news! suddenly we had many plans in our head, about spending time at KL. but it wasn't long, half an hour later, i got a call from HR saying that there's misunderstanding between them. and followed by another email 'Replaced by Another Person'. this is what orang kampung say 'buang karan'. they just surprised me with good news and shocked me by bad news not more than an hour.

that's mean, we have to stay ALONE for a week. some friends of mine suggested me to follow Abi to KL. it's something impossible for us. if the tambang is RM100 return for sure i'll follow but ours one, RM1000 return! with the money we can buy the best cot form overseas for you.

son, don't be naughty OK. when abi's not around, nobody's looking after us. we have to look after each other, tau!

everything would be fine, insya-Allah. even my painful braxton hicks now disappear. Abi said, you're not going to come out very soon (even if we are approaching the 8th month), you are very smart to wait for 13th october to leave mommy's womb. so, Abi's son have to listen to Abi, tau!