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No More Honeymoon

i waited until half way to write about this very trimester.

now i can declare that 2nd trimester is really my honeymoon period. even sometimes i didn't feel like pregnant at all! with that bumpy tummy i still could run, & even jump. sometimes in the morning when i woke up i touch my belly to ensure that i was still pregnant :P

now, no more. i'm not sure when was the transition took place but it's very different now. i can't climb the stair as fast as i did in the 2nd trimester. now i have to hold on the handrail. but i still use the stair to go up to the office instead of using lift, it's my only way of exercising (even tho i feel very heavy to take steps - you're a big boy now!).

my movement at home osso become slower. i become easily fatigue and exhausted. even, driving causes me a real tired. and i start to feel nausea, dizzy, drowsy and having throwing-up session again (is my morning sickness coming back?). mineral water nowadays become bitter again. one sip is enough. and, last nite i had my leg cramp!

sky juice? no way!

my stomach also having intense itching all over. however, by rubbing with olive oil and massage cream, it helps to decrease the rashes. phew~ my fear.. of having an ugly tummy after delivery!

on top of that, i feel so happy & thank God since i don't have many problem relates to pregnancy. no heartburn, digestion problem nor constipation. no part of my body swells, even my wedding ring becomes looser (or, it is still early to have those?). no backache. my BP is consistent from the first day we met Dr Aida, 100/70 up to this very week. no problem with glucose. your growth is normal and excellent. the placenta is well-placed.

and what makes me more and more happy is, the time for us to meet you is getting sooner. everytime the painful-braxton hicks comes, i'm thinking like you wanna pop out immediately! even tho i feel my tummy become heavier, even tho sometimes your movement is disturbing, even tho i have to change my laying position everytime you ask me to, even tho i have to bear with my frequent urination, even tho i have to change my posture, even tho my activity is limited, etc. etc. but i feel so fortunate for having this chance to have you in my tummy. your everymove is my great pleasure and bliss.

-thanks Allah for this most beautiful gift-


Abi is in KL now. and for the next 7 days we're alone together. i checked lists of causes for preterm labour, fortunately we don't have any (cigarettes, infection, placental problem, high BP, diabetes, too much or too low amniotic fluid, multiple pregnancy, abnormal uterus, underweight, abdomen injury, or stress-think i'm stress-free now). what worry me most is, you wanna pop out when Abi's not around.

Abi, this obviously not KL but somewhere at Laut China Selatan.

remember what Abi told you before he went into the departure hall just now?
quote: "take care of your Mommy, don't be naughty2 Little Boy (it's actually Budak Kecik-what we nicknamed you)".
and you're really taking care of Mommy. you were sleeping this whole morning, and when Abi flew off, you woke up and play to accompany me. :) and now you are kicking vigorously. my boy is very smart OK!

ayak! i feel tak-sedap-badan. have to off immediately!