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Our Weekend & Pre

Hey, look who's inside!

i was very excited to have our 7 month check up. it should be a great pleasure for us seeing you this time as you now are getting bigger than our previous appointment.

we were lucky as nobody was in the clinic that morning. checked my weight (53.5kg, 6.5kg increment from my original weight), urine, BP... everything was great! and i asked dr aida about immunization i should take during pregnancy.. specifically for tetanus. she said, i don't have to since i'm not going to any place that exposes me to that disease. and for you, you'll get it after you are born. so i just have to jab my hepatitis B only.

when the time was come to do ultrasound, dr aida said "hmm.. now we can't see the baby's face anymore... the machine has been sold to someone else..." wo wo wo wo.... then i could feel a joyous scream from inside "yea yeah! i win! mommy can't see my face!"

hmm.. what to do. but we're still happy seeing a great development you were making. i asked dr aida about your wieght, she said, we'll get it only after your 34th week. as of now, she just took your head and tight's length. she didn't comment very much since you were turning and turning back. and we spent about half an hour talking about babysitter, nursery, helper, maid, kindergarten, etc.

we went to eastwood valley then, cos both of us were the committee members for our company's annual dinner.

L-R: Eastwood Valley, Mommy in the superior room to place the lucky draw prizes, Mommy riding the buggy.

the next day, we had appointment with auntie jazz at boulevard. so, i took the opportunity to have a very nice tomyam at a siamese (i think so...) restaurant at the food court. first time meet but i think we can get along very well. auntie jazz is a nice lady and her husband also as friendly as she is. she showed us her scrapbooks those amaze Abi and i think i am given a greenlight to make a scrapbook for you :D

L-R : 5 of us (plus you!), Mommy(+you) & Auntie Jazz.

then we rushed home to prepare ourselves for the dinner. i wore pink blouse & abi the peach suit he used to wear during our solemnization ceremony. the theme was 'white beetles pink roses' but since abi didn't have white nor pink suit, i suggested him to wear peach instead.

the dinner was not that great (issit?) but i hope not to hear too many complaint :P

CW: Commiittee members with Mr BD (can you spot that preggy lady?), Mommy & Abi at the dining table, Mommy & Abi beside the stage, Mommy & Abi & 'the park', Mommy.. ;)