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Hi It's Me Again!

this morning Abi brought us to the clinic. actually Abi intended to bring us since last weekend because Mommy complained that she has very severe backache during the weekend, the thing she never experience before. but Mommy said she can endure and waited until today to see the doctor. Abi was very worry since this is his first time to become a father. he afraid if something serious could happen to Mommy and I. he's a good Abi, right?

Mommy told Dr Aida that lately she's frequently get legs cramp and backache especially when she lays down, whether on her back or on her side. Mommy thought it's because of my head pressing her pelvic bones. Dr Aida said, the ligament at her pelvic area starts to stretch to allow my head engages in the next few weeks. she said as well, if Mommy feels numb from waist to knee, it is because of her spinal stretchering. but it's just because of the ligament stretching. i hope it can fit me!

Mami, saya dah besar!

Mommy asked Dr Aida about my weight. i am approximately 2.3kg now. Dr Aida reminded Mommy to stop taking sugary food, because now is my time to accumulate fat in my own body. if she continues taking extra glucose, i'll be born chubby. Dr Aida said, my ideal weight for Mommy's body should be only 2.8kg. but, with my current weight, she predicted i might be born 3.++ kg. may be 3.4 or 3.5kg. oh, this bother Abi very much. he afraid if Mommy can't undergo normal birth. he doesn't want Mommy to go caesarian section coz he wants more kids. but i think we can make it. many petite ladies able to give birth to big babies naturally. Mommy said, her friend, aunty joely who is also very thin, gave birth to 3.75kg aqil naturally.

however, Mommy's still happy coz her weight doesn't change from last 2 weeks. she's still 55kg. she wants her weight to be maximum 59kg only. so this means, Mommy's getting lighter coz i gain weight everyweek.

we spent almost an hour in the consultancy room. Mommy asked a lot about babycare and breastfeeding. Dr Aida says, it is natural for newborns to lose weight during our first week and Mommy doesn't has to worry if her milk production very little in the first few days. she said, the Almighty has created my body to have enough supply even if Mommy will only produce colostrum during the time. and He creates me with a natural style of losing weight within a week of birth.

she suggested Mommy and Abi to train me, for not immediately feed me everytime i cry. she said, actually sometimes newborn just wants to cry but parents think he is hungry so they feed him. when this happen, it is set in the baby's head that, 'when i cry, Mom should feed me'. she advised Mommy to just poke me slowly when i cry at night (after checking my diaper & my tummy-no colic) so that i won't have a mindset of 'when i cry at night, Mommy should feed me', unless when i really in great hunger. i think she's right. sometimes i cry just because i want my Mommy. i want to ensure that i am not left alone.

Mommy and Abi had discussed about this. they said they won't let me to be a 'i need Mommy's shoulder baby'. Mommy's friend's mom once told that babies should be trained to not be pampered everytime we cry. if Mommy immediately hug me and hold me, later i'd set that, everytime i cry, Mommy should hold me. if she doesn't, i would cry louder. so the Nenek told to just call me by my name everytime i cry so that i will have a mindset that 'i need Mommy's voice to ensure Mommy is here'. she said, babies cry because we wanna ensure our moms are around. er... i have no idea. i don't even know how to cry :P but, i can guarantee, despite the theories, practices and advises, Mommy will be the one who's gonna hug, hold, kiss, carry me... bukan bole harap dia tu.

oh yes, this Friday, we're gonna have another day off. it's TYT birthday. Abi said, he's gonna bring us to Sibu. i have no idea where Sibu is and what the place is it. but they look excited especially Mommy coz she never go out from Miri (except Brunei trip last May) since she came here November last year. hm, hopefully this time the plan will success. Abi, i guess Mommy needs a break.

so Mommy, watch your food! no more cakes, no chocolates, no candies, no ice-cream, no iced longan, no no no sweet2 things. if your uterus can't bear my weight and it has to let me go off early, or, if you have to be induced because of my size, it's not my fault OK.

Mommy & I at Imperial Hotel last week.