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When I Remember When

it seems like a blink.

from this single cell...

plus this single cell...

.. become this

what a miracle! it takes only 38 weeks from two single cells which the biggest one is only about 0.006inch, a dot big, and the other one is far more smaller, merged into one single cell and divide themselves into cells and cells and millions of cells, forming a baby!

<-- this how you look like when Mommy confirmed my pregnancy. and this is how you look like today. -->

from something that doesn't resemble human at all, now you are a perfect baby of ours! you have no idea how Mommy was in the deepest part of my worry during the time you still have tail. with you unformed or just formed brain and heart, Mommy prayed everyday so that you brain, heart and other organs would naturally developing and functioning. alhamdulillah, during the second visit (where i had a very severe morning sickness) the doktor said your heart has beating (even if i couldn't see anything on the screen).

this is the biggest miracle happens in my life. a soul is living inside me. even if i know about pregnancy long ago, but i'm still amaze. i have you in my tummy! even if everymom has her child inside hers but i am still flooded with astonishment. how the Almighty creates this special ability to women to carry a person in her abdomen.

it happens so fast. i still feel like yesterday. the days when i was studying, surrounded with my best friends. the gap between my teen age and my 20s is very wide. i spent my teen age and early 20s to enjoy the game with my friends, and at mid 20s, when i get married i suddenly had to retrieve and get more serious in this life.

sometimes, when i look at Abi, i feel like it's just a minute knowing him. sometimes, i just can't believe that i am becoming a mother! sometimes, i pinch myself to ensure that i'm not dreaming, for making my way to have a complete family of three! sometimes, i miss my childhood, and now i have somebody who's gonna spend his childhood as an apple of my eyes.

today, with only 5 weeks to your EDD, i still can't believe about my growing tummy. unless, after looking at this #&^&# stretch mark! oh no... isk3x... oh no...!!! 5 weeks... i believe that it shouldn't be long now. have to prepare mentally, at full blast. after all, Dr Aida predicted that you'll be born earlier due to your big size (at least compared to Mommy's body). whatever honey, but make sure your ic number will have 03 at the middle!

i still feel amaze. how a single cell of mine plus Abi's cell could combine to form a totally different individual!

it was a very long journey from 1st to 2nd trimester, but once we reached 3rd trimester, i have to run to catch the flying time!