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No More Pain!

i got 3 days MC. initially it was because of severe backache and contraction i was having almost everynight and morning. last time i was told by Dr Aida that i was experiencing pelvic joint soften, or stretching. she offers me physiotherapy sessions if the pain is still there. so , we went again to the clinic, intended to do the physiotherapy.

Dr Aida asked me about the pain. where dis it started, how was it felt, etc. she asked me to lay on my back and lifted my leg 90degrees... no pain at all. she said, "this is not because of your pelvic joint. it must be something else". she asked Monica, her nurse to check my urine... and..

"i suspect this is kencing kotor (urinary tract infection)"


it is a common disease during pregnancy, coz the uterus sits on the top of my bladder, and as the uterus grows, the weight can block the drainage of urine from bladder, causing infection. i had these symptoms but i tot they were just normal with regards to pregnancy:-
  • frequent urination - common thing during pregnancy, right?
  • feeling of urgency when you urinate
  • cramps or pain in the lower abdomen - ... i tot it was contraction
  • waking up from sleep to urinate - everynite
  • change in amount of urine, either more or less - lesser recently
  • urine looks cloudy, smells foul or unusually strong
lucky i referred immediately to Dr Aida, not taking it as something 'common'. if the infection is untreated, it may lead to kidney infection, and may cause early labour & low birth weight. but hey, now is not early anymore and your weight ain't low!

Dr Aida gave me antibiotic to consume. it is soluble type to have together with water. the blue one to consume immediately and for one time only and the green one to be taken 3 times a day. i like the taste, the blue one tastes like limau bali & the green one tastes like ENO :P actually, this served me right coz i refused to take plenty of water recently. so leceh to go in and out the toilet.

Dr Aida gave me 48 hours to be back to normal (no more pain) or else, she's gonna diagnosis me for kidney problem. and full lists of do's and dont's.

the DO's
  • drink plenty of water
  • urinate often
  • take vitamin C
  • change inderwear everyday
  • empty bladder immeadiately after sex
  • take shower
  • change pantiliner often

the DONT's
  • consume refined food, caffeine, sugar
  • soak in bath tub
  • using feminine hygene
alhamdulillah. last nite i consumed 3L of mineral water, and i could sleep without any pain on my back and abdomen. yo Mommy! don't ever ignore your water intake!

lucky i have this at my 35th week. if it was earlier, i must be in deep worry.

tomorrow, we're gonna start our very first day of Ramadhan. and tomorrow is Abi's birthday. hmm, any suggestion to surprise Abi?