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Confinement List

as we are now in the week of 36, i should be prepare for the birth that is approaching. confinement! i already booked a set of bengkung+massage oil plus some edible herbs from my friend. i don't have plan to take any consumable confinement set or jamu since i plan to breastfeed, and i'm gonna continue taking my shaklee pills for confinement.

and since i bought many packs of this herbal pads before i got pregnant, i'm gonna use them later. i heard that herbal pad is very good for post-natal. should it has cushion effect? or maybe i have to put it in two layers?

i bought this bio-oil as suggested by aunt shasuya, with a little hope that it may help in reducing the effect of this pretty ugly stretch marks. at least the silver linings won't be visible to my naked eyes, after your birth day. you know how this thing makes me feel a bit downzzzzz.

and this dry shampoo, since it is not recommended to have frequent bath during confinement.. and i don't want my hair to be stinky!

tungku, urut, and all those things associated, i have no worry since in my kampung, those bidans & tukang uruts are available anywhere, anytime. furthermore, my mom has her very own batu tungku and don't have to buy for any tungku equipment. and i'm really into yu yee oil. it helps me to reduce my short of breath.

those sweater, blanket, kain batik, socks, etc. are already available at my parents' house. and i bought this kind of head scarf, imported from Indonesia. would be very convenience if we have any non-mahram visitors :) easy to wear huh.

the only thing is, we can't have Abi by our side all the time. most probably he's gonna see us only one time in November and again in December, to take us back to Miri purposely. so miserable but that's the best option we have, since the transportation cost from Miri-Kota Bharu-Miri is more than a thousand. oh dear, that one we can't afford. luckily my mom lives in kampung, with my nenek2 & those elders hopefully my confinement will run smooth :)

i hope that the 2-months period is gonna be a good time for us. no office work, no housework... only spending our time alone! poor Abi, huh, has to cook, do laundry, tidy up the house, sleep.. all by himself...!