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Final Check Up With Dr Aida!

i should bring my camera then...

today was our last check up with Dr. Aida at Columbia Asia. next week, we'll follow up with Dr. Awang Nila at Hospital Pakar Perdana! can't wait to be there!

Dr Aida asked about my UTI, alhamdulillah it was OK then. my KPI is to finish up 3L mineral water per nite and as a result, beside curing my UTI i also have to wake up every hour to pee-pee. but it is not big deal, at least i'm able to wake up before 4.00am to prepare for sahur.

i asked Dr Aida about my ability to puasa, she said no problem. i have no problem with myself, not feeling tired nor any sign of sickness, and your condition is good. plus, the amniotic fluid is at normal rate and your movement is active as usual (unless the day Mommy overslept & terlepas sahur, you didn't move the whole day. really worry you know!). Dr Aida advised me to puasa until the day of delivery. alhamdulillah. finally i feel so motivated to perform my puasa without worrying about your condition.

for labour, Dr Aida recommended to take epidural. wah, this is a good news for Abi. he really wants me to get that pain-free medium. then i told Abi, we'll see.. look if my condtion says i'm gonna need it... we'll make an appointment with the anesthetic, if my dilation is very poor, just gimme that epidural. if not, let me bear with the pain. huhu. will i?

when Dr Aida selak Mommy's shirt.. hooh!!! my reddish tummy appeared. "so gatal la doctor.." i complained. she suggested to put toner on it. it acts as coolant. hm.. but i haven't put it yet. lately my tummy's getting itchy and itchy. it started on the first day of Ramadhan. i think it's because of our limited water intake for one whole day. then makes my skin dehydrates. but again, thanks to Bio-Oil. it helps very much in re-hydrating my skin and reduce the itchiness!

this week, Mommy gain 1kg from last 2 weeks, making my weight now is 56kg. and your weight is 2.5 kg. a big boy now huh... and you really like to show you 'boy' lately. shuda tidak malu yar.... and now you are in the right position, with your head down (it was since the last 2 months, alhamdulillah). Dr Aida said, how if i'm going into labour during Aidilfitri? wow, that's what i really want!

it's only 3 weeks left (if only we manage to reach our EDD). this makes Mommy reminiscing my very first day welcomed you in my tummy. i couldn't blog much, typing 2-3 words made me dizzy and drowsy. i even couldn't sit on this very chair. i need to lay down all the time. even when Abi wanted to cut my hair, i couldn't stand it. only a few cm then i told Abi to stop. i need to lay my body down! and we had to postpone our trip to Brunei several times. i threw almost all meals out! until we found out that i only could go on with western food :) i slept in office's surau everyday. i couldn't wear proper shirt at home. i didn't do house chores for months. etc. etc.

i really enjoy this pregnancy. even if sometimes it is painful, tiring, boring... but it is a great pleasure when i realize that here is someone in my belly. it's you. mine and Abi's blood.