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i should be ready for your arrival, in term of your thingies + mine in case you decide to put in an early appearance. but, because of many constraints, i unfortunately can't make it. we will only fly back to my hometown in the next 2 weeks, and i don't have anything with me right now. it's just 2-3 thingies those will not be enough to welcome a baby!

this is what we ONLY have here. CW: napkins, nasal aspirator, baby wipe, booties & mittens, blanket, cot sheet, cornstarch powder and head-to-toe wash.

worst case (if you're still stubborn), we're gonna stay in Colombia Asia until our supposed-to-fly-day comes. lucky the company pays! actually, i should be worry about it. i have many friends gave birth at 36 weeks. but still... be positive!

in this almost final stage of pregnancy, i have to deal with discomfort that i never experience before. my backache becomes frequent. and the Braxton Hicks too. and aches around my pubic area and groin. lucky me, it just happens over the weekend. changing position, not much help. but i feel released when my back is massaged by Abi, with full of his love and care :) but not all the time. usually i have to do self-massage. Abi is very busy lately, get many things to do before taking a week leave to send us to my hometown.

and i can feel my uterus is just below my breast. no wonder your legs are always hitting my ribcage. i have to sit straight, and it's quite disturbing especially during meal time. with the lower-than-my-chest-table, i can't bend my back to enjoy the food, or you'll give me a great kick on my ribs. and my mouth start to bising2, asking you to stop. and usually, you listen!

i start to perform perineal massage, even if i'm very confident that episiotomy is very common in most hospital in Malaysia, huhu. i don't think can avoid it, plus, you're big! and i started to chart your movement. however, i can't commit most of the time. haha. but since you're always moving, Mommy don't feel worry.

our preparation is more towards this coming Ramadhan. hopefully i would be able to fast, for the one whole month. last weekend, we went to Boulevard, bought 2 packets of dates, just a-week stock, before going home. one pack for RM2.20 and another one for RM13.60, for 7 bijik only!

this kind of date priced RM75 for 2kgs.

Abi is very confident that i wouldn't have any problem with regard to fasting since i showed a good record when performing my qadha'. plus, your weight gain is very progressive recently (even Abi can see my tummy is getting bigger day by day), so Abi says there's no problem for me to fast. insya-Allah.

last weekend, we planned to go to Sibu. however we just able to arrive at Bekenu & Niah only. i think you didn't allow us to go to Sibu before you come, you wanna see Sibu as well ah? Bekenu is a small town, about half an hour from Miri. we didn't take any picture coz it was raining, cat & dog. it was just a 'jalan-jalan kenal Bekenu' only.

i asked Abi to extend the journey to Niah, despite the heavy rain. however, we hadn't go into the cave, just around the head quarter office's yard. maybe some other time, when our family from Peninsular comes, then we'll make an adventure journey to Niah Cave.

Mommy at Niah. so poyo.

on the way home, we dropped by Luak Esplanade Beach. my first time ever! not many people there, it was very midday :)

i like beaches. especially Miri, can see platforms from onshore.

and we bought this. i dont know its name, but since the shape is similar to Shell logo, we call it shell. so yummy... buat sambal tumis.