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Bye Bye Miri....

my 36++ weeks belly.

today is our last day in Miri. my last day at work.. i would say, hectic & a bit tense.the project i am handling suddenly came into chaos when we have to do the tendering ourselves instead, before this we agreed to source it out to other region. and my boss insisted me to do a presentation in management committee meeting next monday. i said, sorry boss. after all, this is my final week to get rid of these. but, still happy. i'm leaving for a long vacation after all :)

today we had visitors, uncle Wan Hidayat came to my office & dropped by my workstation to say hello. he had a presentation in the auditorium. hehe. cool presenter, huh? Cik Adda also visited us this morning, and she gave this lovely socks to you :)

thanks Cik Adda!

we left the office a bit late since Abi had a meeting with the GM. so, when will Abi be a GM? hm, i hope he's gonna be one, but at other company la. hehe. we bought ikan terubuk masin to bring back. so expensive!!! they said the fish is pupus currently. RM12 for two, instead of RM10 for three.

we don't have much things to bring onboard. just my & Abi's wardrobe, plus some little things of yours. most importantly, these document those should not be forgotten.

CW: the ticket, the antenatal record or red card, the passport.

some friends asked me about air travel. the FAQ are "isn't it only at 7months you are allowed to travel by plane?" "still can travel by plane with this big tummy?" "how can you travel by plane, you're heavily pregnant?" and many more.

actually, air travel is usually completely safe for pregnant women, as long as there are no complications with the pregnancy and not flying too close to the due date. after all, our flight is not that long. as per 2nd trimester is honeymoon phase, so it is the safest time to travel by air. at 1st trimester, the risk of miscarriage increases and at 3rd trimester, increasing the risk of early labor. however, normal practice for Malaysia Airlines, from 28 to 36 week, a doctor's letter is required to state that i am fit for air travel :) so, after 7 months still can fly, with a letter form doctor.

the letter.

i miss Abi already.... we have only a week to spend with him, and later for almost 3 months.. it's only you & i. i really want to make this coming week the most memorable moment for us, before your arrival. and when we get together with Abi again, everything would be different. we are parents sooner!

three of us with someone in invisible mode.