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My English

i am very weak in english. ever. i was 'english-blinded' during my primary school years, and i just started to 'know' some english words before sitting for PMR exam. even if the medium used at UTP was english, but to be frank i was always blur and blank, especially during foreign lecturer's classes.

in my organisation (work), english is the major language, especialy in emails and meetings. but still, i can't speak/write well. my email/report always need to be reviewed by my supervisor (jd cikgu english plak dia). and many uh-ah in meetings (tho i chaired most of it!).

this week i am attending a seminar (about work), and most of the presenters are from UK. and i have difficulty to comprehend UK english, for US english it's easier (just a lil bit easier) cos i'm used to watch US movies, news and TV shows. even if Malaysian follows UK english, but i cant even understand the accent. so i couldnt even absorb any drop from their presentations ;(

i really want to improve my english, especially when talking to UK people... oh God i hope there's no UK people around, but in my office, all the white guys are from UK! very hard to speak with them because i cant understand any single word they say, and they also couldnt understand mine! very the broken. but unfortunately my application to attend English class organized by the office was rejected :(

i know i should do something. and make sure my children wont be like me. they should be able to write, read and speak in english fluently, especially UK tounge. so what's next? watch Harry Potter? subscribe BBC? have frequent chat with those UK guys? speak english at home??? hehe.