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Flour Freak

Hafiy likes to play with 'vitriolic' things like deodorant, hair gel, body lotion, face masker, etc. and the worse part is he will end up eating them! (i caught him several times 'eating' those chemical. i think i should get rid all those thing by replacing the liquid deodorant with stone-type one and use beras goreng for face masker).

i've been thinking of making edible playdoh for him, but since our stove is out of order, instead i gave him flour to play with. and it was fun!

Hafiy's flour play:

- pour 2 cup of flour into medium sized basin.
- let him play with the flour and Mommy explains the flour texture.
- give him 2 empty cups and see what he will do with the cups. Mommy guides on how to put flour into each cup.
- Mommy pour a cup of water (little by little) onto the flour and see what happens. Mommy explains how the flour powder dilutes in water and change its state into liquid.
- Hafiy eats the mixture.
- game over.

a baker to-be am i?

oh it was really a good preoccupying moment for him and allowed me to do kitchen cleaning without 'unnecessary help' :P. Hafiy now likes to do his own experiment rather than listening to my order.

i admit that i don't spend much time with Hafiy, and if i do, it's not necessarily a quality time. i always need to lay down and just let him play alone (that's the answer why he able to get all those things mentioned in the first paragraph).

but, thanks Allah for making everything easy for me (after i-am-not-a-good-mother syndrome). Hafiy doesn't disappoint me when i put some expectation on him (even if it has to be 'many times').

thank you Allah for the syndrome i endured for many weeks. and yes, the tarbiyah from Allah came from many angles. i feel ease now. alhamdulillah...