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CMPA & Lactose Intolerance

Hafiy showed some symptoms of 'unsuitable with cow milk' when first time i added formula (Dupro) in his solid, 6 months back, but i wasn't aware. he got rashes and colic. actually it triggered questions for why did the strange rashes appear (it was like 'kena taik ulat' all over his body) but we tot because of the heat. Miri kan panas.

and it happened again last month, when i tried to supplement him with cow milk, after my milk dwindled. he got rashes and diarrhea for days.

i tot it was the sign of lactose intolerance, but as far as i remember, lactose intolerance (LI) wont produce rashes cos it's only play with the digestive system. it should not be more than:
- bloated
- ab cramp
- diarrhea
- colic

we didnt refer to any paed (it was raya then & we were at KB), i only asked the panel dr, and he suggested to change to the other milk.

so i went to pharmacy to find the best formula for Hafiy. after almost 1 hour 'researching' & send smses to some FF-moms, i came with a conclusion that, there are 3 types of fm:
- cow based milk with lactose
- cow based milk lactose free
- soy based milk

ok, we get rid of the first one, but now, which one? both are lactose free & LF cow milk is slighly cheaper..

so i did 'further research' and finally i suspected Hafiy to have CMPA (cow milk protein allergy) rather than LI. again, i didnt go to paed cos i think it was manageable :p

CMPA is not LI, and it's more severe, cos it's a kind of allergy that involve his imune system, not only the digestive system. it is life thretening! the symptoms include:
- diarrhea
- rashes and eczema
- vomit
- colic
- cough
- short of breath

it can appears in 45 minutes or after 24 hours of milk intake. if LI is the inability to break down the milk sugar (lactose), CMPA is worse cos it happens when the immune system reacts with cow protein, in abnormal way.

so babies with CMPA only can take soy formula, cos LF cow milk still has cow milk protein.

ironically, soy fm is d*mn expensive!

and i dun understand why Hafiy likes that fm so much. he never2 be like this during EBM time (ok i knew it. it could be because of incorrectly handled EBM by the caretaker?), now he drinks 1 tin of 900gram per week! bengkok mak tau!

but in the same time i feel so syukur cos he's 'willing' to take other milk, at least before Adik is born. tapi malam2 mengamuk jugak nak 'Em Mi'.

i hope Hafiy's CMPA wont be long. first, we have no family history of such allergy. second, he was fully breastfed for 1year, with 6 months of exclusive bf. most of the time, causes of CMPA is from family history & shorter duration of exclusive bf. i hope this is just the reaction from his first time exposure to cow milk.

oh but wait. this is a good news! i have a good 'excuse' to continue bf Hafiy nanti (in case orang tua bising2). "dia elergik susu lembu & susu soya mahal sangat! biar kongsi dengan Adik je, jimat" :p

*just wanna share the cost of this soy fm:
1 tin x RM54/tin/1week x 4 week/1month = RM54x4 per month!
berapa tu.. bole beli pam lagi satu :D
tapi demi anak2,apelah sangat kan?