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Supermummy is giving away Gin & Jacqie bag for free!

okay. this is my first time participating in a contest. hahaha. the last contest i was in could be... forum remaja during my secondary school. well, let's just try our luck.

(copy from the contest's blog)

And so.. I WILL BE HAVING A CONTEST AGAIN TODAY! The prize is.....

Gin & Jacqie's Hobo Bobo!

If you are wondering what the heck is Hobo Bobo, it is actually a stylish gym bag that can fit a ball into! Made with soft cotton nylon in unique shape, it is inclusive of drawstring shoe bag.

Here's what you need to do to enter this contest.

1. Create a new post in your blog with this title:
Supermummy is giving away Gin & Jacqie bag for free! (DONE)

2. Answer the following question:
Who is the creator of Gin & Jacqie?
Answer : Jacqueline Ng.

3. Complete this slogan:
I deserve a super lovely Gin & Jacqie bag because.. i have a very 'bad taste' in choosing bag. i don't have many bags cos i dont know what is suitable to me & it makes i have only : 1 handbag (hantaran kawen) , 1 totem bag (got it by purchasing Medela FS, hahaha) and several backpacks (got them free when attending my company's forums). so if you give me this bag, you are doing a very good deed for helping me to have another bag, which is so stylish and i'm sure everyone is keeping their eyes on it.

if i get that bag, it will definitely add value to my life, because i am well-known as 'budak sekolah that always carry same bag'. who knows by using this bag, it will change my personality and how do people look at me. and of course it will be my very first stylish-lavish-sooo beautiful bag to have! and it will also give you a good reputation cos i will tell them "i got this for free from Supermummy!"

just think about it. out there could be many ladies with lots of bags collection but i don't. would you rather give your piece of cake to those who has tons of food or to who that has only a loaf of bread? :D kesian tau i tadak beg. huhhh~~~~

4. Link back to Malaysian Supermummy (no link back will be disqualified ya)
OK then this is the link to Malaysian Supermummy!

5. Leave a comment at this post so I know that you have already completed the task! (DONE)

Sounds confusing? Leave your inquiry at the comment if you have any questions! Anyway 2 winners will be picked based on creativity in completing the slogan and contest will end Friday, 28 November 2008 by 5.30pm. (DONE)

Good luck everyone! (GOOD LUCK TO ME :P)